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Can not make video calls

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I have just setup Office 365 on a trial. I have give accounts to all of IT staff. The IM works without an issues. However, when i try to make a video call i get the following error:-


Cannot complete the call.


Cannot call <person> because phone calls are restricted by policy. Try using instant messaging instead.


Can someone help please?



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  • Hi Cha@o,

    First, I would suggest running Office 365 Desktop Setup to troubleshoot this issue.

    Run Office 365 Desktop Setup
    1. Log in Office 365. 
    2. Under Resources on the right side, click Downloads. 
    3. You will see “Set up and configure your Office desktop apps”. Click Set up.
    4. After setup, please check the issue again.

    If the issue persists, please also check if you have enabled the Lync Federation.

    Meanwhile, I would like to provide a troubleshooting video on Audio/Video for Lync Online. Hope you found that useful.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Surya begum

  • Hi Surya,


    Thanks for getting back to me so fast.


    I can't see the option you are talking about. All I can see is


    Admin Introduction for office 365

    Setting up email on mobile phone

    Release notes



    Please help





  • Hi Ch@o,

    Thanks for your post. Based on your description: if two user start video or audio conversation ,they will connect to each other directly. If there is a meeting or a presentation, all the connection will connect to data center.

    I'd like you can check the port on the local computer to ensure that the firewall doesn't block.

    Thanks, Neo Zhu

  • Thanks. It's working now. I think it was my proxy server.