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Recording calls and meetings in Lync

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Is recording capability available in Beta?  If so, can someone show me exactly how to get there- I don't ever seem to see "More Options" in my settings tab or anything to allow me to start recording a call or meeting.. thanks.
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  • Hello

    you can record your meeting

    when presenting a meeting you have option to record it

    you can re view recorded meeting thanks to Lync Recording Manager

  • Here's what Lync Help says- the problem is, I don't have a "Start recording" choice under the More options button :) How do I fix that??


    Record a conversation or meeting

    When you’re in a person-to-person Lync conversation, you can start recording as long as each participant’s organization allows recording. Note that you cannot record a conversation with someone who is using a regular telephone. When you’re in a Lync meeting, you can start a recording if you are a presenter and the person who scheduled or started the meeting allows it.

    1.To start recording, in a meeting or Conversation window, do one of the following:

    Click the More options button, and then click Start Recording.

    In the menu bar, click Actions, and then click Start Recording. (If the Actions menu is not visible, click the More options button, and then click Show Menu Bar.)

    2.While the recording is in progress, you can use the controls at the bottom of the window to pause, resume, or stop recording.

  • Hi JDCalhoun,

    Please verify if your audio/video devices are ready before you start a meeting. Lync client would automatically detect multi-media devices, and if the detection failed, the "Start recording" choice would not be available under more options.


    Reken Liu

  • Hi JDCalhoun,

    Are you continue to experience this issue?

    Best Regards,

    Reken Liu

  • I believe the original question/issue is related to this thread.

  • FINALLY! :)

  • Tudor Damian,

    Please enjoy the new feature.

    - Albert