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Lync is not relible in Qatar

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Hi , 

we are running Office 365 for the last 40 days and seems Lync is not really reliable !! 

1- Lync On mac : the server keeps signing out even though we have set the server name manually " "

2- on PC , users appears " Offline for 5 min " and the user have been signed out for the last 45 hours " Weekend "

3- Voice Quality is bad even when User is using good mic

4- Video Quality is bad even when users are with HD webcams and high internet connection " Fiber 8MB "

Conclusion : Mac users ends up ignoring Lync and using FacTime as its at least works whenever they want it .

PC users ended up Using Skype as it work also whenever they want it .

Question : why we should pay for Lync while it doesn't really work ? 

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  • Hi Rami Al Hatab,

    According to the License restrictions,  audio/video features for Lync online are not available in Qatar, and you can contact the local sales people for the purchase issue. As I known, you can choose to not purchase Lync license when you buy Office 365.

    The Lync signout issue might be caused by the network or DNS configuration, please check your firewall settings and network configurations to make sure the necessary ports and DNS records has been configured correctly. You can do this by following the instructions in Set up your network for Lync Online.

    Reken Liu

  • Negative !

    your information is backdated . please go back to your team and double check with them as Audio and Video was enabled in Qatar Starts Feb the 16th 2012 under the email subject " Important update: video and VoIP functionality now available " and the email was sent from " Microsoft Office 365 Team <> "

  • Hi Rami Al Hatab,

    Thanks for your correction. Just tell you that I am sending email to others to confirm the things, and will respond to you later.

    Reken Liu

  • Hi Rami Al Hatab,

    You are right. I have confirmed this with some one else, and the detailed information can be found here:

    After these changes, the administrator needs to follow the steps outlined in this help article: Configure file transfer, audio-video, and recording. I think the issue you are experiencing might be related with the configuration, please double check and configure them for your users.

    In addition, you can also re-run the desktop update process to facilitate the updates.

    Reken Liu

  • Hi Rami Al Hatab,

    Is there any updates about the issue? Please let us know if you need more assistance.

    Reken Liu

  • Hi Guys,

    i am the IT administrator ,working for Rami,


    we are using godaddy DNS for 3 years with no issue  for service and other services with no issue so i am not finding it convenient to change the DNS to yours.


    i checked all these pages before and checked all the records which are all created as per the pages you attached and still we have the issue and here is a copy of our DNS zone.


    ; A Records
    @        3600    IN    A
    www        3600    IN    A

    ; CNAME Records
    autodiscover    3600    IN    CNAME
    sip                   3600    IN    CNAME
    lyncdiscover    3600    IN    CNAME
    mail                 3600    IN    CNAME

    ; MX Records
    @                    3600    IN    MX    0

    ; TXT Records
    @                   3600    IN    TXT    "MS=ms40655740"
    @                   3600    IN    TXT    "v=spf1 ~all"

    ; SRV Records
    _sipfederationtls._tcp.@    3600    IN    SRV    100    1    5061
    _sip._tls.@                         3600    IN    SRV    100    1    443

    ; NS Records
    @        3600    IN    NS
    @        3600    IN    NS



    Alaa Elmahdy

  • Hi Alaa Elmahdy,

    Do you mean your users are still experiencing Lync login issue with above DNS records? Would you please provide detailed description about the issues?

    Meanwhile, please try the following methods before further troubleshooting:

    1. Try to login Lync Online in an external environment to see if you can login successfully. If there is no problem with external environment, you can make sure the DNS records configured in GoDaddy are correct, and the issue might be caused by the internal firewall or internal DNS servers.

    2. There is an article for general troubleshooting Lync login issues:

    If there is any error messages you can find, please search the error in the above article, and perform the steps in the corresponding solution.

    Reken Liu


  • Dear Reken Liu,


    we still facing the issue which is as following:


    the user goes offline but the lync stay showing the online stat until a user try to contact him or periodically goes offline.


    we can follow up this by opening the OWA because when we do so we see the users going up and down momentarly.


    we don't have any login problem accept on mac books we need to enter the servernames manually so they can login however the automatic login is working with windows machines.


    we don't have any error or even informational message and we dont have firewall and even the windows firwall is off all the time.



    Alaa Elmahdy

  • Hello Alaa,

    If you are working through this issue on behalf of Rami, I would recommend you review the details found on the below article. It has multiple suggestions including a test to check your network connectivity quality when connecting to Office 365 areas.

    - Albert

  • Hello Alaa,

    Any updates regarding this case, or was the above link able to resolve your concern?

    - Albert

  • Hi AlberrH,

    our network is 100% OK and the service working wonderfully with audio and video also and automatic login.

    Again: our problem is that the clients are getting disconnected periodically not that they can't reach the service sir.

    Again: we don't have a firewall or special configurations in the office.

    it's a simple group of computers connecting to the internet through router.


    Alaa Elmahdy

  • Hello Alaa,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

    What were the results of your test when you ran the TRIPPS test at this link?

    - Albert

  • Hello Alaa,

    So were the results of the TRIPPS test showing all green with no filtered Ports or Packet loss concerns, or were you able to get your concern resolved through other means?

    - Albert

  • Hi ,

    Lync is Useless for us since we have subscribed on 365 .. the service goes up and down every 3-5 min !!! i think Skype or a phone call can sort the issue , at least no users will get frustrated !!

    as mentioned earlier , its small group of users ( 25 ) working on an open environment internet where is no fire wall .. only Router then internet and its fiber 8MB connection .

  • Hello Rami,

    Do you or Alaa have details regarding the TRIPP test that you can send to me through private message?  Also, have you had a chance to try taking two of your computers off of the router connection(if possible) and see if that presents a better experience?

    Based on your update of the service being potentially unreliable and connectivity going up & down every several minutes, it would still appear to be a localized concern.

    - Albert