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Certificate error for attendees

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Meeting participants using the "Lync 2010 Attendee Console" joining a meeting that I schedule recieve an error "There was a problem verifying the certificate from the server".  They are asked to trust the certificate but even if when click yes they can't connect.  They can connect to the meeting with the web console.  The cert that can't be verified is for *  I've tried connecting from two different Windows 7 computers and get the same results.  I've used the attendee console on one of the computers to connect meets hosted by microsoft and had no problems.
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  • Hello Randy7,

    You indicated you have users using the Lync Attendee console whom are seeing an error of "There was a problem verifying the certificate from the server" when attempting to verify a certificate from *  

    What browser are these users using? Is it Internet Explorer?

    Have you had them try additing the domain into the trust sites area of the browser such as suggested in the following article?

    Are these users connecting through wired or wireless connections?

    We have details on resolving certificate errors for the Lync client in the following support article, so please see if it helps.

    - Albert Hood

    Lync Support

  • Randy7,

    Did you have a chance to review the links I provided?

    - Albert

  • Randy7,

    Any further updates on this issue?

    - Albert

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  • Albert

    I have the same issue.  outside users who download and install Lync Attendee can not join video and (using the guest option) call do to some certificate error.    This is the error received:  "There was a Problem verifying the certificate from the server."  Error ID 101 (source ID 238).   Please let me know how guests can attend video and audio meetings using Lync Attendee.   I have verified the 2 CNAMES and i SRV entries in the Office 365 DNS.

    Thanks,  Jim




  • Jimk,

    You need to have both of the SRV records added, not just the initial 1 that was requeired if you wish to use Lync Attendee with your domain. If you encounter issues with your DNS host, you may need to switch DNS hosts.

    See this article for more details:

    - Albert

  • Just checking back on this issue.

    Where you able to update the SRV records for your domain?

    Also, if you are using a domain that is managed by Microsoft, please understand that you will need to create a support case with Lync Online support so we could look into the status of the SRV records and possibly update it for you.

    - Albert

  • Albert:

    I think this is an issue Microsoft should fix.  I have put in a general feedback comment to that effect.   How can I put in a ticket to have Lync Online add this SRV record?   THis is insane because I know what needs to happen, I am willing to manually add the SRV record, but Microsoft does NOT allow me an option to do so.  Bottom line is that Microsoft is preventing me from utilizing the Lync service.   How can I get Microsoft to address their issue?

    Thanks,  Jim

  • Hello Jim,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. If you are not able to access the Service Request area as described in the below link, then please respond to my recent private message.

    - Albert

  • Hi Albert,


    I am having the same issue. Outside users are not able to join meeting using Lync Attendee. They get the same certificate error. However, I have hosted the DNS outside of MS. And I have added the 2 CNAME and 2 SRV records correctly. Any other suggestions?