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Grammar Suggestion - Lync Online Resource


    Rather than saying “Setting public IM connectivity” I would suggest that we use the word Configuring given it links to a site that discusses enabling or disabling.  There are a few instances where a preposition, such as up, is missing from the site links and given that disabling is an option as well, we will not always be “Setting up public IM connectivity” or “Setting up domain federation”.  Configuring is more professional, uses 1 more character than “Setting up”, and is more appropriate given the actions which can be performed. 

    Connect to

    Click Admin

    Click Lync Online, which takes you to the OCO/Lync Admin page:

    Please see the attached screenshot for clarification regarding the specific items I mention.






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  • Thanks Bob - appreciate your taking the time to assist in making our content more meaningful.  I will bring your suggestion to our content team and propose if we can replace "Setting" with "Configuring" in our next scheduled content update.

    Rod, Office 365 Business Experiences Team - Program Manager

  • Thanks fo much for the follow-up Rod!

  • I dont have these two "tabs" available in my Lync Control Panel page: Domain Federation and Public IM. Is there something else I need to do to get these "tabs"?

  • Hi Jim,

    Do you have a small business account by chance?  There are differences in what a small business vs. an enterprise organization would see in the Lync control panel.  If you're leveraging the small business subscription, you'd see only one link that might say "public communications".

    Let me know -- more than happy to help.


    Rod, Office 365 Business Experiences Team - Program Manager

  • All I see is Overiew and User Information, and then a link/button to Enable/Disable External Communications (which is Enabled for my vanity domain).

    I was able to federate with one of my customer's OCS enviornment. I can see their presence and communicate with them, but in their OCS client, they always see my contact as "Presence Unknown".

    I also have federation working with my vanity domain that is hosted on Windows Live, and I can communicate and see presence both ways.


  • And, yes, I have a P1 account. I am assuming that is SMall Business.