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No change photo button in borwsers

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And what can be done for those users that do not get a Change photo option ???

In IE 8  on the My profile page there was no link displayed to add or change a photo, so I upgraded to IE9 - still no link.

In Mozilla 3 same thing.

But in Chrome the Change photo link is there and it allows you to browse to the desired photo but the generated (not updatable) link created is always C:\fakepath\ filename.jpg - and when Upload is clicked you get "file did not upload successfully" message ... even if you create a directory called "C:\fakepath".

Got any ideas on what would be causing this behavior ?

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  • Hi wbg,

    I tried on my Windows 7 with IE8, Mozilla 3, Safari, and Chrome.  It works fine on all the web browsers. Therefore, I suggest you reset or reinstall you IE and retry. (You know some time 3rd party add-in may cause problems to our web browsers.)

    If my suggestion doesn’t work, then please let me know your OS version and help capture screenshot on the page. Thanks.

    Best regards,
    Alex Du

  • Hi Alex,


    I have tried it on IE (both 8 & 9)

    and I have tried it on Firefox


    and I have tried it on Chrome

    Chrome showed wierd beahavior, Browse always resulted in path of C/fakepath - and upload alawys fails even if fakepath path and file exist ?


    One thing of note - in IE Nothing on this page is updatable - the dropdown list doesn't even work.


    Any Ideas ?

  • Hi Wbg,

    Thanks for your screenshots.

    Based on the screenshots, I found there was something strange. As you see the change password button missed as well.

    Therefore, the issue may relate to browsers’ settings. Please follow the steps on IE to resolve the issue.

    1. Add to trusted sites zone.
       Internet options > security > trusted sites > sites

    2. Login and retry.

    If it doesn’t work, then please help gather the following information to help narrow down the issue.

    1. Please try other computers (For example: your home PC) and to see if you can upload picture. Some group policy settings and security settings may cause the issue.
    2. Please create a new user and select another location (for example: UK) for the new created user. Retry with the new user and let me know the result.
    3. Did the issue affect all users or specific users?
    4. Did the issue occur on specific OSs?

    Best regards,
    Alex Du

  • Have you enabled Directory Sync to sych with your onsite Active Directory?  It looks like if the on-site AD is the source of authority, changes must be done in AD:

    Users cannot view or update their display picture in Lync 2010 when they connect to Lync Online in Office 365

  • Hi Wbg,

    Did my suggestion work? If you need further assistance please let me know. thanks.

    Alex Du

  • I am having exactly the same issues

  • Hi Yowie,

    Thanks for posting here.
    However, in order to avoid confusing and find out the root cause effectively, we recommend creating a new dedicated thread, so that we can dig deeper on this issue. Even the issues are similar, they may have different root causes. Thanks for your understanding.

    Best Regards,
    Grace Shi