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Lync 365 and Mac

  • How do I connect the Mac Messenger to the Lync 365 service?

    Best wishes


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  • Hello Frank,


    Unfortunately, this ask and other software on Mac computers are not supported with Office 365:

    • Microsoft Entourage 2004 for Mac
    • Microsoft Entourage 2008, WebDAV edition (version 11, or a later version)
    • Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac
    • Microsoft Messenger for Mac 7
    • Microsoft Communicator for Mac


    You can call support and ask that a feature request be made on this scenario.




    David Rummelhart

  • Hi David,

    As I understood, it should be possible to achieve Lync-like functionality using MS Messenger for Mac 8. Is this correct?

    I have a Mac user in my organization who has installed Office 2011 for Mac (which also installed Messenger). When he tries to log in with his 365 user login, he was prompted to change his user ID.

    Is there any way to address this?



  • Aslam,

    I'm also have users who are interested in using Lync (or an alternative) on a Mac.  Have you had any success?


  • Hi!

    From the latest updated Microsoft_Lync_Online_Beta_Service_Description.docx




    Lync Server 2010

    OC Online

    Lync Online


    Communicator for Mac






    So, as of now it is NOT supported to use the Communicator for Mac client with Office 365

  • So Lync is not usable for MAC users?

  • Lync online is not available however an inhouse Lync Server it is according to the matrix that has been posted.

  • Hi Rick - no we were told (in line with what was mentioned below) that Lync Online doesn't (and won't) support this capability.

  • I too am a Mac user and business owner, and I am very disappointed to hear this.  As a "CLOUD SERVICE", Office365 should be system independent.

  • BTW - I'm a Microsoft fan, as I love what Office365 brings and I'm a big fan of Office 2010.  I'm also an Apple fan, I love my 27" iMac, iPhone and iPad.  I want the best tool for the job, and don't care who provides it.  

  • Good news: Microsoft have just announced that Lync for Mac 2011 has been released to manufacturing. It should be available from October 2011:

  • Great! but what about us G5 Pro dual 2GHz running 10.5.8  PPC users?  Why won't Lync work for me?

    I've installed SiverLight ver: 1.0.30715.0 and Lync still wont work. this sucks.

  • we have 3 pc users and one mac user - what is the point of the cloud if only three of us can IM or talk to each other - am beginning to get very annoyed with this system now

  • what mac things are supported then - we have 3 pc users and 1 mac user - we have spent the last week setting everything up for our new business on 365 and can't turn back now - what does the mac user have to install so we can all IM and lync call each other?



    I keep trying to get help verifying my domain, its been weeks now and OSLB have taken down my website which is our small business lifeline.


    Our domain is, registered with melbourne it and been trying to move from OSLB to 365.  Have followed instructions to the letter and edited the DNS record as instructed, status is now published (on 15th May) but still will not verify.


    We are so desperate now I cannot tell you how frustrated we are.


    This has been a nightmare from start to finish.  Await your contact soon.



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