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Can't sign on to Office 365 using Lync for Mac

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Just signed up for Office 365 P1 and am able to sign into Lync on Windows, but when I try to sign in on my Mac (10.6.8) with the new Lynch for Mac client i get "Sign in to Microsoft Lync failed because the service is not available or you may not be connected to the internet". I know I'm connected tot he internet, I've disable my firewall, i'm using my O365 email/pw combination with auto configure enabled, and i have a license for it. Anyone know what's going on here?



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  • Hi Bob,

    You may try to set Lync for Mac using manual configuration by following these steps:

    1.In the upper-right area of Lync, click the Gear icon to open the Options page.

    2.In the Lync - Options dialog box, click Personal.

    3.Next to the sign-in address, click Advanced.

    4.Make sure that Manual Configuration is selected and that the configuration values are exactly as follows:

    ◦Internal server name or IP address:

    ◦External server name or IP address:

    You could also check the following article to set up your Mac for Office 365:

    If it still does not work, you might have a look at the link below for troubleshooting Lync:

    Anna Guo

  • Thanks Anna, unfortunately using the manual settings resulted in the following error:

    "The user name, password, or domain appears to be incorrect. Ensure that you entered them correctly. if the problem continues, please contact your support team."

    I've tried using both my transfered domain and the domain credentials, both result in the same error message.

    Regarding your your last link for troubleshooting, I went there first and the last comment states to come to these forums for Lync connectivity issues with O365.

  • Same here! User in Germany!

    MS I am very disappointed.

  • Same here too! User in Canada.

    I am disappointed too.

  • Same here !

  • Hi All,

    Apologize for the inconvenience. Just tell you we have received your feedback and is doing research about this issue. Any results will be posted as soon as possible.

    Reken Liu

  • Does not work in Australia too!

  • We have users at work with the same issue, works fine in Windows same logon does not work on the mac client, Exactly the same issue as the first post.

  • Hi,

    You may refer to the link below for detailed information about Lync for Mac for Enterprise Plan.

    If the problem still can not be resolved after some tests, you may post a new thread about the error you encountered and the detailed steps that you have taken.


    Anna Guo

  • I just signed up for Ofc 365 P1 too....   How do I get the lync for Mac client?     I know it's been released....but I can't even get to it to schedule any meetings?

  • This is a marketing document and offer no useful information for the problem I'm having or troubleshooting information. The only document that even exists there is a deployment guide for an enterprise network. How does that help for Office 365?

    Honestly, the suggestion that I have to post a new thread when this suggested answer doesn't even refer to my problem is ridiculous. Why would I have to do that when I have this thread already?

    The problem is still not resolved, it's been a week, is anyone doing anything to resolve the issue? Other threads I've searched there are suggestions to call support, but the P1 plan doesn't offer phone support, so who can I contact?

  • Hi BLeitner,

    The last reply I posted is to tell others about the website which provided Lync for Mac information and if they encounter similar situations, they could open a new thread to provide more detailed error information and the steps that they have taken in order for us to give more specific solutions.

    For the issue you encountered, we have been aware of this situation and confirmed what the Lync client for Mac deployment guide states that it works with Lync Server 2010. Currently, we have not received the released notification that Lync for Mac would be available to use for Office 365. When it is updated, we will publish the information into the forum. We really appreciate your support and understanding.

    Anna Guo

  • I work with the Lync Online support organization at Microsoft and I want to provide some clarification on the situation with the Lync for Mac client and Lync Online. Officially the Lync for Mac client supports connecting to Lync Online. The Lync Online and Office for Mac support teams are working closely with several customers that are experiencing issues with signing-in, but we have not yet identified a definitive root cause or solution. I can assure you we are committed to fully supporting the use of the recently released Lync for Mac with Lync Online, and we apologize for the issues that some are experiencing. More information will be provided as soon as it’s available.

  • I also tried the manual configuration, go the "The user name, password, or domain appears to be incorrect. Ensure that you entered them correctly. if the problem continues, please contact your support team."

    On Office 365 E1 plan.

  • Eric, thank you for your response. Wouldn't mind helping out, if there's anything I can do to be of assistance please let me know.