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Shared calendars not showing up in Apple iCal

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We have users with a variety of devices and applications (Mac/iCal/Mail, Windows/Outlook, iPhone, Android, etc.).

I am the administrator of the Exchange accounts. I have created four calendars that are viewable by everyone within our organization (just general "company-wide calendars").

Users with Outlook are able to view those shared calendars just fine. However, I'm not able to add the shared calendars with users using iCal.

If I add them as a delegate, they can see all my calendars. Is there any way to add the shared calendar without adding them as a delegate?

Here's where I'm setting the shared calendar permissions. I've tried setting them as Reviewer, setting the Default as Reviewer, and setting them as Owner.

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  • My users are on Mac OS X 10.7.5 for what it's worth.

  • Hi McLewis,

    I’d like to confirm your situation: You have set up four shared mailboxes, and their calendars cannot be viewed by iCal clients. About this case, we lack information about Mac client and how Mac clients open the shared calendar. To get a better assistance to fix the issue, I would like to suggest you can involve Apple support. They will be more proper and professional to resolve it.

    Young Yang

  • Hi Young Yang,

    No, they are not shared mailboxes. It is my mailbox, and I have 7 total calendars within my account. Four of those are shared with everyone in our organization. Those aren't able to be opened within iCal.

    I suppose this may still be an issue with Apple (since they do work with Outlook), but wanted to check.

  • Hi McLewis,

    Since it works fine in Outlook client, the permission has been configured correctly. Therefore, I suggest involving Apple support to resolve this issue.

    Young Yang

  • For anyone else who may find this, I'm cross-posting this to Apple's community.

    Shared Office 365 calendars not showing up in iCal

  • following this on here and mac forum. so annoying that we're paying for this office365 and cannot use it how intended. hopefully ical or whoever is at fault sorts it soon! (i doubt it though)

  • Hi All, after much trial and tribulation, this works for me on BusyCal. It is an app you can get on the apple store.

    Calendar should be created then shared with the busycal user. The link does not work, but add exchange account as you would on Mac Calendar under preference>accounts. The go to the sharing tab and click plus and type in email of person who shared calendar. It will auto populate. For some reason it does not work under delegation in Mac Calendar

    The key and where I spent 4 days on the phone with apple and office 365, is that the owner of the calendar has to share their calendar, named :"calendar" They can just click the permission "show availability only." Once they do that, any other calendars they have created and added you as full permissions or details, you can see. I see nothing on their calendar called "calendar"  Not the perfect solution, but it works. BusyCal is $30

    If this does not make sense feel free  to message me or I will respond here.