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Importing PST files

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Is there currently a method for a standard user to import their mail in the form of a PSt file into their online 365 mailbox once they are migrated ?

Thanks in advance

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  • Hello,

    The easiest way is to simply connect Outlook 2010 to the user's Office365 profile, then use Outlook to import the .PST.

    Otherwise, you're looking at using remote PowerShell:



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  • That sounds easy but I how do you Outlook to import the PST file? I assume you are talking about the Outlook Web App that does the importing
  • When you use Outlook, not OWA you have the option to import .pst files.  For instructions you can follow this blog.

  • So the answer is NO? LOL Come on, Google Apps had that little import utility MSI before anyone would consider them seriously...

  • For BPOS v1, it is possible to use the Microsoft Online Services Migration Tools to migrate from PST.  These may or may not work with Office 365.  

    For Office 365, if you have many users to migrate, you may find it easier to go this route -- you can install Exchange server onsite and use the import/export PowerShell cmdlets identified above to migrate a PST into an Exchange mailbox.  Then, you can easily migrate from Exchange onsite to Office 365.  You can find Exchange 2010 SP1 here:

    Alternately, you can migrate from an IMAP server or any version of Exchange using the Exchange control panel.  You can also use connected accounts feature to perform a sync mail from another Internet account.  This sync method can be effective for migration purposes.

    We are looking at making this easier in the future.  Thank you for your feedback.

  • Nice and easy work around.

    Setup your 365 email account in Outlook 2010 locally.

    Copy your existing .pst file on your local machine and rename it or accept the default.

    Go back to Outloook 2010 and click on your Office365 email account.

    Choose File, Import and import the .pst copy to your Office365 account. Work around for the profile issue.

    Everything transfers..contacts, emails, folders, calendar.

    I then deleted the local .pst file from Outlook 2010 so I am now just looking at the 365 .pst file. Still have the original .pst on my machine (two copies).

    Added a new calendar item locally, synced up no problem. Added a test contact, no problem.Basically, you are now working with the Office 365 .ost file only.

    My guess is that you probably lose some of your folder permissions and the like but I believe you can reset these from 365.

    Make sure you already have Office 365 configured on your local machine.

    Disclosure: this is a single user account, not an enterprise but I do have multiple email accounts on 365 and Outlook 2010.

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  • And how would you do this 471 times? Please this is a major miss and knowing the reasons why Microsoft would do or not do something- it must be hard technically to come up with a utility to do that due to some authentication thing having to login to each account and upload the corresponding PST.

    Ok let's look at the options. Does anyone know if it's possible to import a PST into Office 365 mailbox via power shell?

  • You can simply drag and drop the emails on to your new 365 accounts like moving from one folder to another.

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  • Boyan,

    In the initial months of Office 365 General Availability, our prioritized scenarios were for simple IMAP, simple Exchange, and Exchange Hybrid scenarios -- as many partners do offer PST based migration.  There are certainly several of these tools available from partners and independent software vendors.

    However, if you've been watching the EHLO blog, you'll know that a tool is coming soon:

    I wish I had better news for you, but we are listening to the feedback.  Thanks and I apologize for any inconvenience.


  • Thanks Scott,

    I look forward to that tool. The blog article hits the nail right on the head. Thank you.

    On another matter, the traditional forum culture is that no response to a question likely means the answer is NO but I will still ask: is it NOT possible to import PST files into Office 365 using power shell? Does that mean New-MailboxImportRequest only works on local Exchange servers and NOT with Office 365?



  • As far as I can tell, yes, that cmdlet appears to only be for local Exchange servers.

  • So if i understand you have 3 solutions to migration Data:

    1. Using tools on Exchange Web Interface (Migration Exchange2003/2007/2010 and IMPA Serveur to Office365).

    2. Create on-premis site in your organization import PST file and move Mailbox in your Office365 organisation.

    3. User migration, user connect outlook2007SP2 or 2010 to Office365 mailbox and import PST using outlook import function.

    Solution 1 : is limited to 1000 users migration if your have more than 1000 to migrate you cannot use this solution

    Solution 2 : need to install a temporaly Exchange organization to import PST to mailbox and use move mailbox function to move it in cloud

    Solution 3 : last one you need to trust your company user to maque manual action to importe PST in cloud, this operation is very simple but I'm not sure that your IT support can absorbe user call ;) for me this solution can be apply for very small deploiement batch (less than 100 users)

    Microsoft stop to developpe Online Service Migration tools for Office365 (Work only for BPOS) this tool was very usefull (Migration from serveur IMAP or exchange to the cloud). You can find some migration software on internet, but for sure not free.

  • We have a utility which might help.  Currently on our website, we have the User Edition of our PST Importer:

    We also have an admin edition which isn't on the site yet, due to the fact that it doesn't have all the functionality (it's missing PST export from Office 365, import to Office is working).  The Admin edition will let you import a CSV file containing a list of users and PST's associated with those users which makes it a little more practical to upload large numbers of PST files.  

    If you'd like to help test the Admin Edition of the utility and provide feedback, drop us a line at, and we can send you a download link.


  • I have a user who has segmented his .pst file into 2Gb chunks. I am now tring to import these .pst files into the same account and the only one that synchs with the cloud is the first one that I am importing. This particulart user has 3 .pst files. There are others with 4 and 6 files which are segmented the same way. I am trying to import these files into Outlook 2010 and then have them synch with Office 365. They import into Outlook fine but do not synch with the cloud. Please any suggestions?

  • Not easy - I've had to do with with several users, and if there is a local exchange server on the network it is particularly problematic.  An import/export tool for Exchange is sorely needed.