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Problems configuring OWA (Outlook Web App) Connected Accounts to POP email from GoDaddy and Gmail Domains

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Hello, I am having trouble setting up OWA to access the POP email on my GoDaddy owned email domains and also that of Gmail.

I’ll start with Gmail since that is more common. The settings I have for my Gmail right now are below. So after adding the Gmail account, example “” and using the password that I generated when logging into Gmail to allow separate programs to have access, the Details screen has the following information:

  Can't log on

There's a problem logging on to this account. Please confirm that you've entered the correct user name and password, and then click Save. After your changes are saved, the server will try again to connect.
Last successful sync: Never


Display Name:

First Last

E-mail address:

User name:


Incoming server:







I used the information from this link to verify the Incoming Server settings. So after saving, OWA sent the verification email and I verified it but then the status says “Can’t log on”.

So if anyone knew what else I could try to allow this to work, please let me know.


The GoDaddy email issue:

With GoDaddy I am unable to log on at all to the server.

The settings from GoDaddy are as follows:

Incoming Server Settings
IMAP without SSL - 143
IMAP with SSL - 993
POP without SSL - 110
For POP with SSL - 995

Outgoing Server Settings
Without SSL - One of the following: 25, 80, 3535, 587
With SSL – 465

Below, is how I currently have my GoDaddy connected account setup (with personal information removed) and note how the user name contains both the “” part of the email address and not just the prefix like with Gmail.


Note also that I am able to connect to GoDaddy email on my desktop Outlook fine and tried using those same settings in OWA but obviously that did not work either.

So again, if anyone has some advice they can share in order to allow me to fix this issue, it would be very much appreciated.

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  • Hi Sean,

    From your description, we know you want to connect other email system two accounts to Office 365, one is Gmail, another is Godaddy, but Office 365 pop-up the error messages and two accounts can’t be successfully connected.

    Before moving on, please contact Gmail and Godaddy technical support to get the correct server name, encryption method and port and ensure you entered the correct username and password.

    Otherwise, if the POP protocol can’t successfully connect the two accounts, use IMAP to try.

    Jacky Ding


  • Hi Jacky Ding, yes my Godaddy information is correct. It works in my Outlook desktop and when I had it setup on a email and had a few connected accounts setup, it worked fine also.


    I would have to pay extra for IMAP with Godaddy, so I would prefer to keep away from such an option.

  • Hi Sean,

    Since you wouldn't try IMAP, please try to connect several  accounts that support POP protocol to Office 365 , such as yahoo.

    If all accounts failed too, please submit feedback to Microsoft via this link:;en-us;2222&3=NotLite&5=Admin&15=10037FFE825C4A58&altStyle=MFE&renderOption=OverrideDefault&showpage=1&fr=1&nofrbrand=1&url=AdminHomePage.

    If other accounts can and only Godaddy can't, I suggest you contact Godaddy technical support to get more efficient support.

    Jacky Ding

  • What I don't understand though is why would I be able to connect okay in the desktop version of Outlook but not in the Outlook Web App? So I don't see why it would be an issue on GoDaddy's side since I can connect on my desktop.

  • Hi Sean,

    If you connect your desktop Outlook to Office 365, the Internet route is from your side to Office 365, but if you connect GoDaddy email account in OWA, the Internet route is from Office 365 to GoDaddy.

    So, I suggest you connect several emails accounts in OWA, it will determine the issue is Office 365 side or GoDaddy side.

    Jacky Ding

  • I get what you are saying but I don't believe it is a GoDaddy issue because when I had connected accounts on one of my accounts, they worked fine. Setup connected from attempt # 1 and I never had any issues. So it seems strange that there would be issues with Outlook Web App.


    It can't just be myself that is having these problems. The other major issue is my search not working in Outlook 2013. I can't do a search on any of my email folders! This has never happened in the years that I have been using Outlook, so I don't get why such issues are happening now.


    There are just certain problems which one should not have to deal with and these two, the connected accounts and indexing being broken, are right up there.

  • Hi Sean,
    I would suggest you to check if it connects to other accounts like yahoo, as suggested by Jacky.
    Regarding the search issue, I would request you to create another Thread in the Forum.


  • So I tried the IMAP with one account and I got as far as sending the verification message but OWA was unable to log in. So with the POP it didn't get anywhere but now with IMAP, similar to how it did with Gmail, the verification message was sent but OWA does not retrieve anything and simply says "Can't log on".

    I won't try the Yahoo because I need to pay for Yahoo Plus in order to enable POP>

  • Hi Sean,

    Only POP is supported for connected Gmail accounts. So please add Gmail account by using POP method. Also, please check whether you turn on POP supported in Gmail.


    Ray Yang

  • Yes, I used POP for Gmail and it is turned on. So basically the same "error" of being able to receive the verification email but not log in is happening with the POP setup on Gmail and the IMAP setup on GoDaddy. The POP setup with GoDaddy did not get as far as sending the verification.

  • Hi Sean,

    Maybe this thread can give you a solution. Please check the verified answer in this thread.


    Ray Yang

  • You have to give some programs special permission to access Gmail. Try this to see if it works:

  • Ray, I would have to try the password solution but can't Microsoft fix the password problem on their side? I don't see why I should have to shorten my passwords or not use special characters because of a bug in Connected Accounts. I just glanced through my passwords for email and almost all are 20 characters and more with special characters, numbers, lower and upper case letters. I mean, we read so much about the need to use strong passwords these days and setting up unique passwords for every account, why should we then have to make them less secure?
  • Hi Sean,

    Did you try Sue’s suggestion?

    The password length of Connected Account can’t be more than 15 characters. This is by design. As you can notice that the password of Office 365 account can’t be more than 16 characters. After Office 365 service update, there won't be the connected account password limitation.


    Ray Yang

  • I tried Sue's suggestion but that did not work. OWA can log into Gmail and send the test message but I can't retrieve anything else after.

    I will wait on the Office 365 service update. Do you think this is something that Microsoft will send an email about when this issue is fixed? In other words, how will I find out that this "design" has been upgraded to allow more characters without having to randomly try it every week?