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Migrating Email from Network Solutions

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I am moving 1.9 GB of messages and attachements from my NetSol hosted email to Office 365's Exchange Hosted email. 


Using OWA to access my Office 365 Exchange mailbox, I set my NetSol account as a connected account, and folders and messages from the NetSol mailbox started showing up.  Currently there are 0.4 GB of messages and attachements in the Exchange mailbox.    In OWA, the status of the connected NetSol account indicates Delayed. "The server for this account hasn’t responded for at least 21 hours."


In OWA, I've forced reconnections to the NetSol account, but the download seems to be stuck.  Help.



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  • John,

    It would seem you have a couple of options here.

    First according to the error message, it is the NetSol server that is not responding. So you can contact them to get that issue addressed.

    Then restart the download.

    Until their server responds you can't do anything. My guess is they have a limit on data transmission per day or per hour that has kicked in.

    After it does respond you could save all your email to whatever file format they like, whether it is .pst or .csv or whatever, and then do an import and load it up that way.

    But you will have to contact them first. You won't be able to do anything until they make the data available.

    G. Ray Glenn Sr.  MSFT Moderator

    Microsoft Office 365  Technical Support Engineer

  • I spoke to NetSol tech support. They verified my Outlook 2007 connection details.  They said everything was right and so the problem was an Outlook problem and I needed to talk to Microsoft.  They said it should not take more than an hour or so to download my 1.95 GB of messages using a fast internet connection.  That would mean there was no limit on data transmission.  

    NetSol does not appear to provide a server-side  email export capability.  I need to use Outlook 2007 or Outlook 365.   Please advise.  Thanks.

  • Hi John,

    according to our documentation, 

    a Non-Authoritative MX record should look like  MX preference = 10, mail exchanger = (for example)

    but with NetSol it appears some people are having some success with using something like

    The idea is to have an MX record created that doesnt resolve to a specific IP, otherwise the mailflow can be affected.

    Let me know if this works for you

    G. Ray Glenn Sr  MST Moderator
    Microsoft Office 365 Technical Support Engineer

  • Ray - Your reply does not seem to be on point to me.  I haven't made any DNS changes...

  • Is there a follow up to this email trail?  I'm having the same problem with two NetSol email accounts.  Here is the message in O365:

    The server for this account hasn’t responded for at least 5 hours. Please make sure the server address below is correct, and then click Save. After your changes are saved, the server will try again to connect.

  • I would recommend giving MigrationWiz ( a try.  They seem to be the only people who I have successfully migrated from NetSol (and hosted service providers in general) to O365.  They are not free but it doesn't cost a lot either (just $10/mailbox).