Welcome to the Exchange Online Development forum category. This forum is a vibrant community of contributors that are adding to the crowd-knowledge about Exchange Online programmability. I encourage all of you to post and answer questions on this forum.

Before posting a question to this forum, you should:

  1. Search this forum to see if your question has been answered previously. A significant number of questions have already been answered in this forum; yours may be one of them.
  2. Review the following resources for an answer to your question:

          Exchange Server Developer Content
          Exchange Server Developer Center
          Exchange Server TechCenter
          Exchange Development Blog
          EWSEditor - Great tool to help understand EWS and debug your application. Source code available.

If you still need help after reviewing these resources, you should post a question to this forum by using the following standards for titling your post and constructing the body of the post.

Post Title

Use the following format for the post title:

[Exchange Online Version] [Exchange API] [Programming Language] [Client platform]: [Information you seek]--> example: "[15.00.0516.032] [EWSMA] [C#] [Windows]: How do I assign delegate access"

The Exchange Online Version will take on this form: [major version].[minor version].[major build].[minor build]. This is useful for understanding feature availability and which updates have been applied to the service you use.

List of Exchange APIs (if the API you are using is not listed, use your best judgment to abbreviate the name):

List of programming languages (if the language you are using is not listed, use your best judgment to abbreviate the name):

  • [C#]
  • [VB.NET]
  • [VB6]
  • [C++]
  • [JAVA]
  • [JS] - JavaScript
  • [Other] - you define it

List of client platforms (if the platform you are using is not listed, use your best judgment to abbreviate the name):

  • [Windows version]
  • [Windows Phone version]
  • [Linux distro version]
  • [Mac version]
  • [iOS version]
  • [Android version]
  • [Other] - you define it

Post Body

The Post Body should provide as much background information as possible to help the other contributors answer your questions.  The following list identifies information you should consider providing when creating your post (of course, do not post sensitive information like account names, passwords, machine names, etc):

Exchange Version: Exchange version. Include build and version numbers if available.
API Name: The name of the API
API Version: API version. Include build and version numbers if available
IDE: The development tools you are using if they are applicable to answering your question.
Targeted features: Identify which features are involved in your question.
Scenario description: Describe the scenario that results in you posting a question to this forum. More information is better. Here are some considerations for describing your scenario:

  • Give a thorough description of what you are trying to do and how you are attempting to do it. Provide the steps you have already attempted.
  • Identify resources you've tried to use (include links)
  • Identify the target platforms
  • Provide a code example that describes the problem (as long as it does not reveal sensitive information.)
  • Give a description of the environment for client and server hardware and software. Firewalls, proxy, trusts, security models, system architecture and other environmental factors can have programmability implications.
  • Provide error codes and exceptions; identify the specific part of the code that threw an exception. Provide stack traces if applicable.
  • Provide log entries and traces as long as they do not reveal sensitive information. See Tracing EWS Requests for more information.
  • Provide performance counter information from the Exchange Server. 
  • List the specific questions that you want answered.

Other Considerations

  • Don't assume that the reader knows all the background information. The more information that you provide, the better/quicker answer you will receive. It is easy to skip content that is understood; that is much better than leaving out information.

Mark Answers

This forum has mechanisms for marking and qualifying answers to questions. When a question has been successfully answered, please use the "Did this answer the question?" link to mark the post as an answer.

Thank you for using Exchange Online!