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Very slow performance from Outlook

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Starting this morning all users experience extremely slow performance with our O365 P1 accounts. Outlook also throws up the "password" dialog occasionally. After a long wait (2-3 minutes) the connection is established but each update of a folder takes at least a minute. Yesterday it was all good.



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  • Hi

    We see the same issue yesterday and today, which causes Outlook to go 'no responding' then after a while Outlook is ok. Seems to be very slow connection to the online exchange servers.

    I you "right click + Ctrl" on the outlook icon i the notification bar, then choose "connection status..." you can see which servers outlook connect to, and average response time.

    We are connection to DB3PRD0510 / avr resp. is > 2000.

    Unfortunately we currently have no solution.

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  • Ok thanks yeah I got about 4000 in response time for the Mail, must faster for Directory connection (400) so I suppose again there is problems with the mailboxes.

    We are on AMSPROD0410

  • Hi Johan,

    According to your description, I would like to confirm more information with you:

    Is this issue also happened on OWA?


    Please check the network environment, and try to have a test with another network environment. is for America is for Asia Pacific is for Europe, Middle East, Africa

    Using these URLs, you can then test the speed against a specific data centre.


    You can also check the service health of Office 365 to see if the service is correct, please do the following step:

    Login in MOP using the admin account, click the Admin, select Service Health on the left



    Jason Jiang

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  • Well, it has a different shape but it took me 2 minutes (and crashes) to log in to response in this forum so something is going on.

    I still seem to be able to send and receive but everything is really really slow. The performance test for EMEA has been trying to load for 10 minutes now (it's stuck in loading Java)

  • just to add some info, I have confirmed my broadband connection to my ISP is 60 Mbit up and down so no problem there.

  • We started to see connection problems to Office 365 around 5pm Uk time yesterday and that lasted until 10pm. The problem started again at 5am this morning.

    In general our internet connection is good to all other sites apart from Microsoft.

    From my home PC I am not seeing any real issues and Outlook connection response times seem ok. From home my ISP is VirginMedia and from work it is Cable & Wireless.

    I'm wondering if it can be anything to do with Cable & Wireless, can anyone else share who their ISP is please?


  • Hi

    Our ADSL 20/2 mbit internet provider is TDC. We are located near Aalborg in Denmark.

    Connection to internet in general is working without problems.

    We have tried but the Java app takes forever to load. (-so the speedtest has not run yet!)


  • We are experiencing similar issues - Outlook - SharePoint - Lync - portal administration, I have spoken to Microsoft today and they admit that there are some issues and this is not yet posted on the status page..

    The spooky thing is that we also experience that and other Microsoft sites is very slow to respond.

    Just talked to a technician by phone they indicate that this is related to the Akamai network infrastructure.

    Adobe – Yahoo – Hotmail etc. also uses Akamai so their services may also be affected… just tested Adobe and it is fine…

  • Same thing in Russia, i guess the storm affecting microsoft servers)))

  • Hey Microsoft support. Maybe you could try to actually update the service health page before suggesting users to check it???

    My reference number is 1186926953 and this issue started many hours ago but still you suggest everything is fine. Thats just embaressing.

  • Hi

    I created a VPN tunnel to a network in USA. From there we a able to connect to exchange online server with a reasonable connection.

    At least Outlook seems to respond ok.

    "Avg Resp" values are now below 1000.

    For your info, Im using my Giganews VPN account for connection to And our office location is in Denmark.


  • I have the same issue as JohanIIT. Trying the speedtest, but it stucks.

    We have 280 users using Office 365, majority seems to be having issues with the entire suit - Exchange, Lync and SharePoint.

  • I have the same problem with our users in Sweden.

    In Switzerland it works just fine.

  • Seems like the O365 services are back on track again.

    We are located in Denmark

    Anyone else sees the same improvement??


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  • It seems like our services is restoring in Sweden also. I will verify this with the rest of the EU-sites.