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Outlook/SMPT: Emails not saved in Sent Items on the server

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Office 365 Plan P1

Outlook 2010


I have configured my Outlook 2010 to use POP3/SMTP to connect to my mailbox on Office 365.


This works fine with one exception:

Sent emails are not saved in the "Sent Items" folder on the server


Is there a solution to that?

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  • Hi Mikael,

    Based on your description, I understand that you’re experiencing an issue that  emails which have been sent cannot be saved in “Send Items” folder.

    Before moving on, I would like to confirm these things below with you:
    1. Did you set any inbox rules related to the issue?
    2. Were the emails received by the recipients correctly?
    3. Did the issue also occur in OWA (Outlook Web App)?

    In addition, I’d like to suggest you create a new profile and re-set up email account to see if any improvement. To do so, please refer to Set Up E-Mail in Outlook 2010

    Allen Zhang

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  • Hi Allen

    Thanks for your answer.

    1. No rules setup at all

    2. Yes, mails were received by recipients correctly.

    3. No, issue does not occur in owa. Mails sent with owa are saved in Sent Items.

    I created a new profile on my computer and set up a new pop3/smtp account, but the result was the same. Sent mails were not saved in the Sent Items folder on the server.

    When I create an exchange server account it works as it should, i.e. sent mails are saved in the Sent Items folder on the server. But this doesn't work with an POP3/SMTP account.

    Best Regards

    Mikael Jeppesen

  • Hi Mikael,

    You can check the option to save copies of messages in the Sent Item folder. Please follow the steps below.

    1.Click File on the Top Right.

    2.Click Option and select tab ‘Mail’.

    3.In the section of ‘Save messages’, make sure the check box of ‘Save copies of messages in the Sent Items folder’ is checked.

    If the problem still exist, please try to create a new profile. You can follow the steps below.

    1.Create a new profile of Outlook 2010. You can refer to this link about how to create.

    2.Then you can add the Office 365 account to Outlook 2010. Please refer the steps in this link.

    Then please try to send an email and check whether this email is stored in ‘Sent Items’ folders.


    Jerry Cen

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  • Hi Jerry

    Please note that this problem occur when the account in Outlook is set up as POP3/SMTP.

    ‘Save copies of messages in the Sent Items folder’  was already checked and Outlook does save the message in the local Sent Items, but the message is not saved in the Sent Items on the server.

    I have already tried to create a new profile and account and the problem still persists,

    Actually I don't see this problem as related to Outlook. I would expect to see the same problem when sending messages with other clients over SMTP.

    It appears to be a bug on the server when using POP3/SMTP.

    Best Regards,

    Mikael Jeppesen

  • Hi Mikael,

    Please check if you have created some subfolders under Sent items folder. If so, please check if the emails are in the subfolders.

    Linda Wang

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  • Hi Linda

    There are no subfolders.

    Best Regards,

    Mikael Jeppesen

  • Hi Mikael,

    By default, when POP3 e-mail programs download e-mail messages to your computer, the downloaded messages are removed from the server. But some POP3 e-mail programs can be set up to keep copies of your messages on the server so you can keep inbox items on the server.

    If you are using local Outlook to send Emails, after Emails have been sent out, you can find them in local send items folder. However please note this folder will not be synced to Exchange Online server, thus you are not able to see them in sent items folder on OWA. or your reference:

    As you mentioned above, you can set up an Exchange account to sync mailbox data, it’s a two ways synchronization.

    Allen Qiu

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  • Hi Allen

    I don't want an Exchamge account in Outlook, because I have other POP3 accounts and mixing POP3 and Exchange accounts in Outlook works really bad. When I create an Exchange account a new set of Inbox, Sent Items etc. is created and don't want multiple inboxes in my Outlook. I only want one inbox to monitor. That is why I want to connect to Office 365 with POP3/SMTP.

    I know that messages sent via Office 365 with SMTP are saved in the local Sent Items in Outlook, but that is not good enough. I also want a copy on the server, so I can see sent mails when I logon to OWA or connect from my smartphone. I understand now that this does simply not work with Office 365 which I would consider a bug. For comparison this setup works perfectly with Google Apps.

    Best Regards,

    Mikael Jeppesen

  • Hi Mikael,

    I understand the performance is not good enough when using maxing POP3 and Exchange accounts in Outlook. Here I just would like to clarify some points. Actually, I am afraid it’s not suitable to consider it as a bug. As far as I know, POP3 e-mail programs just download the Emails from the server to your local computer, however it will not be able to sync Emails to server side, and it's a by design behavior.

    Welcome to post a thread in the community with the concerns about connect Outlook to Office 365 Email account with maxing POP3 and Exchange accounts. Let's see if there are something we can do to improve the user experience, it is always our pleasure to be of assistance. Also you can post your concerns in Microsoft Outlook forum, here is the link:

    Allen Qiu

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  • Hi Allen

    Thanks for your reply, but I think you have misunderstood the issue. The issue is NOT related to downloading mails with POP3. This works fine. The issue is related to SENDING mails with SMTP. The issue is not specifically related to Outlook. The problem would be the same with other mail clients. The problem lies on the Office 365 server.

    When a message is sent to the SMTP server in Office 365, the message is forwarded correctly to the recipient. So far, so good. But the message is not saved in the Sent Items on the Office 365 server and this is the issue. I consider this a bug. Anyway, bug or not, this behavior is not acceptable to me and I will probably choose to use Google Apps instead of Office 365. Google Apps does not have this bug/behavior.

    Best regards

    Mikael Jeppesen

  • Dear Mikael,

    I had the same problem.

    The externally sent emails in OWA reside in the folder 'Sent' instead of 'Sent Items'.



  • Hi Matt,

    I understand the inconvenience caused by this problem. I sincerely suggest post it in a new thread in the forum. This is so your question will be answered quickly. Please understand similar issue could be caused by different root causes. It’s hardly to troubleshoot all the issues in one thread for each of our customers. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in advance.

    Allen Qiu

  • Hello Mikael,

    I know your post is from months ago but I just wanted to say that I do have the same problem as well. I have noticed though, that when you send emails out of your smartphone, the sent message is indeed saved in the Sent Items folder on the Office 365 server.

    I wonder if you found a solution to this problem already.


    José Fuentes

  • I never found a "solution," only a workaround. I set my program that was sending via SMTP to cc me. Then, I setup a rule to move those messages to "Sent Items" and mark them as read.