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Setting up email on Android Phone (HTC Thunderbolt)

  • I've tried every which way to get my email setup on my phone.

    Used 5 different exchange servers and still nothing.  I went into the OWA and went to help and used that one (the pod one),, the one that is listed in my Outlook 2010 when you go into accounting settings, and it still says authentication failed.

    I would've assumed Microsoft had this nailed down before launching since mobile email is HUGE for any company.

    Anyone have any other suggestions?  If I can't get this working, time to look at Google Apps for Business.

  • Hi Breakingcustom,

    Generally, we follow the steps in the following article to setup account on an Android mobile phone. I will appreciate if you can try that once again.

    You may also refer the information on the below article about setting up your E-Mail on an Android mobile phone:  

    You may also refer the following post to check your configuration.


    Monica Tong