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Outlook won't connect to my Office 365 Account

  • Hi there,


    So I got my new 365 account setup, domain setup etc.  Added it to my existing Outlook 2010 profile, everything worked great.  I already had an exchange email added.


    Anyway, I wanted to remove the old one but couldn't do this due to a bug with Outlook which keeps telling you it can't delete the primary email account even after setting the default accounts and data files.  The advice from MS forums was to create a new profile.




    Now it won't connect to my new 365 account, just keeps asking me for the password, over and over.  The password is correct as I can login to just fine and just setup my Win7 mobile in about 20 seconds.  Yet my desktop has become completely useless.


    Any ideas?



  • I managed to get it connecting again by deleting all of my internet cache, deleting my AppData Outlook files with the old pst and ost files in, and restarting my PC.  Once I done that I made sure Trillian didn't start when Windows started too, not sure if this would effect anything but it does log into Live.  It managed to connect this time and I have a single profile with my Office 365 account in.

  • Also,

    Make sure you install the Office 365 Service Connector:

    Set up your desktop for Office 365:

  • Yup I had done, it didn't help.

  • And actually deleting the current profile doesn't work?

  • Deleting the existing profile? Nope, it didn't; I done it several times, restarted serveral times.  Infact I was half suspecting I had a DNS issue and kept flushing my DNS cache to no avail.  The only time it started actually working again, was, deleting both my internet cache, shutting down Trillian, and restarting, I'm not say any of those are connected and it could of been something completely different.  But what I do know is, these instructions to install, are uselss and they take no account of bugs with Outlook and the "primary email address" message it gives you which is completely irrelevant.  The tool to configure outlook should take *all* of that into account.

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  • Don't get me wrong though, i love Office 365 and am thoroughly impressed by it by using it through work.  But the Outlook config could definitely do with some fine tuning.

  • I hear what you are saying. I have never experienced these problems though. Maybe you could let an IT pro look at your client to find out what's wrong.

  • Well it's sorted now so that's not possible, as mentioned above. And what do you mean by IT Pro?  I'm a software architect, with a *** load of experience, am I not an IT Pro then?

  • Sorry about that (-;

  • No probs, probably taken a little too literally by myself, appologies to you.

  • Thank you for posting this topic. My outlook & 365 was/is doing the same thing. Yesterday I tried what worked for you and it worked perfectly. However when I got back to work today it's doing it all over again and the clearing the cache & restarting isn't working for me.

  • Hi Stephdc,

    Since the solution from Niknak does not fix your issue, it could be a different problem.

    I would suggest you open a new thread to discuss this problem so we can provide dedicated help there.


    Lester Zhang