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Sync Contacts/Calendar for Blackberry

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I am using Office 365 and I syncronized my e-mail (BlackBerry Torch) but I can not sync my Contacts/Calendar.

Any help will be appreciate it.



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  • Hello Orlando,

    Because Office 365 is not using Blackberry Enterprise Server yet, contacts and calendars will have to be synchronized using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

    Thank you, Jeff McDonald, O365 Forum Manager

  • Any idea when BES will be available?

    Ken Ford

  • Hello Ken,

    At this time I don't have that information.

    Thank you, Jeff McDonald, O365 Forum Moderator

  • I have the same issue with Calendar synchronization and I put a workaround up on our blog at You might try it as a way to get your daily schedule on your BlackBerry until RIM releases the hosted version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express.

  • Hi Orlando,

    If you're stuck with blackberry and Office365, I'd try using AstraSync. It costs $50/year and you can have a free trial and I've tried it and it can sync email (properly, not over POP), Calendars, Contacts and Tasks for Office365 on BB's. If you don't like using their mailbox (it's not great), you can just use it to sync the calendar and contacts and let BIS handle the mail (still not as well as other phone platforms though...).

    Fortunately, I've just got my new Torch this week and will be taking it back tomorrow because it's stupidly incompatible for a small business on Office365. Any other phone platform works fine out of the box, but BBs are useless with Office365 if you're not on BES (the price is completely unrealistic for small businesses).

    I don't care what the mods say, Microsoft/RIM have really dropped the ball on this.

    Back to iPhone/Android/Windows7 tomorrow which my colleagues have setup Office365 with full functionality in minutes. It's taken me 3 days just to get to where I am now, and I'm still not happy.

    Hope this helps you,

    A very happy Office365 customer

    (except when trying to use it on a BlackBerry!)

  • Good info, AdamMW, and I've also looked into AstraSync. My initial experience wasn't the best (probably more issues on my end than anything) but the support from AstraSync was great so I am pleased. In the end, though, I will switch to a non-BlackBerry platform even though AstraSync is very well priced. It is just a band-aid for a bigger problem...RIM's insistence on gouging businesses for every last red cent instead of providing better business value than its competitors.

    Thank you, RIM, for pioneering the smart phone and bringing real business value to the personal data platform. You truly engineered greatness and pushed business outside its traditional confines. Your demise was premised by an insistence on ignoring those who made you great--your customers--while doting on those who sapped your wealth--your shareholders. It was a good ride and you deserve kudos for starting the wave but you have now been crushed by the wave's momentum.