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Outlook (2007) will not connect to Exchange Online

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One client (Dell Latitude d430) has an issue where Outlook has recently stopped connecting to the Exchange Online server. I have seen similar issues documented - though none have been solved other than ones that were simple setup issues. My problem is unique at least to what I have found on the web, in that

- This client was running previously, the existing Outlook/Exchange setup is valid.

The password is valid, we can log into the account online (OWA) and his other idevices still function correctly.

I was able to reinintiate the process using Control Panel/Mail/EmailAccounts/Repair

I got the login at -

Search for user@domain settings was successful, green check and a new login dialog listing the Exchange server (FWIW, server matches that of other clients)

But attempts to login for the user fail - 

Note that I am still in the Control Panel, not Outlook setup. IF I LOG IN AS ANOTHER USER HERE IT CONNECTS.

Says 'connected to Microsoft Exchange' and completes.... this would seem to eliminate any connectivity and even local file issues, i.e., corruption. 

Opening Outlook, I still cannot log in as the original user. 

Any ideas how to proceed?


Wes Jones

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  • @WJ, thanks for sharing your experience.

    @Wes, same idea with WJ. Try to change the smtp address of this user on MOP (online portal) and use  If it works for autodiscover, then change back and wait couple hours.

    Thanks, Neo Zhu

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  • Hi Wes,


    For my understanding, you can log into OWA and send/receive emails from OWA, you can use other services but cannot log into Outlook 2007.


    And the client was running previously, so I think maybe the problem was caused by recent configuration or modification of the Outlook client. Could you please tell me when the problem occurred, if there is an error message, please tell me.




  • I checked that, no evidence of any changes.

    I have also tried configuriing Outlook 2007 for this account on 3 other computers, one of them was a new install of Outlook, and one of them was at a different site (home). Every one did the same thing - I could not connect with this account, and could change over and set up a different account without problem.

    Sounds like the issue is on the cloud end...

    Can I 'repair' an Exchange Online account?


  • Hi Wes Jones,

    For my understanding, you can sign in your exchange account on OWA, but you can’t setup exchange account on Outlook 2007.
    If this is the case, please refer to the steps below to narrow down this issue:
    1. Please have a test on the autodiscover of your exchange account.
    Test exchange autodiscover:
    2. Try to setup your exchange account via manual way:

    Robert Li

  • Robert - I will reference the links you have provided but please note: Immediately after a non successful Exchange account setup with this username, I was able to do a successful setup with a different user.

    That indicates to me that autodiscover is working; and that the local configuration and setup method is not where the problem lies. There appears to be something about this account on the Exchange Online end that has been corrupted or blocked when accessed from Outlook. Also note that for the userid that does not work, the Exchange server IS found; the process halts at the attempt to login - as if the user has a bad password. (Which he does not, as I can login online to this account and his iPad and iPhone are still functioning correctly. )

    Which is why I asked about repairing an account on the server side...


    Wes Jones

  • Hi WesJones8480,

    Thanks for getting back with the concerns, please take time to follow the instruction mentioned in Robert's reply, if the issue still persists, I suggest you do the following steps to narrow down the issue:
     1. To configure the Outlook Anywhere manually
     2. Turn on Cached Exchange Mode
     3. Re-configure the Desktop app for Office 365 Exchange Online service, just to make sure there is no compatibility issue, for your reference:

    If there are anything unclear, please feel free to contact us.

    Allen Qiu

  • Hi Wes,

    I want to check if this issue has been resolved.
    If you need further assistance, please feel free to reply to me.

    Robert Li

  • This has not been resolved, as the user with the issues is currently out of town with his laptop.

    Just to assuage my own sense of frustration and the feeling that I am not communicating my issue clearly enough, can you confirm that the remedies you are suggesting can apply to a specific user account? Just because I want to know that you understand that while '' will not connect, '', configured on the same laptop, works without a problem. AND at one time '' was functioning properly on this machine.

    I don't mind running through the procedures. I just bring it up because from a logical diagnostic aspect these solutions appear to already be ruled out. I do, however, defer to those more knowledgable than I and plan on performing the tests upon his return next week.

    Thanks for the help

    Wes Jones

  • Hi Wes Jones,

    Thanks for your reply. Are the user still facing this problem? If so, I'd like to re-clairfy the case and help to find out the cause of this problem.(hope it's not too later) For my understanding, the user suddenly can't connect to the mailbox via OUtlook2007. You have tried to user other account on that computer and it works. You also try to use OWA for that user, it also works.

    As for this, I'm thinking it's a specific user issue. The first idea of mine it to check the MAPI service is enable for this user. To do this, you can user Powershell, you can also check the following steps:

    1, Connect to Exchange online via Powershell

    2, RUN "Get-CASMailbox -Identity <username> " to ensure the MAPI service has been enabled.

    Further, I'd like to know that if use other computer does that user account work and is there any application has been installed on the computer before the problem occur?

    If you have information , please feel free to post them here.

    Thanks, Neo Zhu

  • Thanks for the response. This issue has not been resolved as yet, but has been on hold as the user (and his laptop) have been out of town.

    Your understanding of the problem is correct.

    No applications have been installed on the system in question - although that may be moot, as:

    Using a different computer, the results are the same - <problem user> cannot connect, <some other user> can setup and log in.

    Results of Powershell command

    PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-CASMailbox -Identity

    Name          ActiveSyncEnabled    OWAEnabled           PopEnabled          ImapEnabled        MapiEnabled

    ----                 -----------------                ----------                     ----------                    -----------                  -----------

    Rob                  True                           True                          True                         True                        True



  • Just a question Wes, was this user account deleted and then recreated?

  • It's complicated ;)

    We created several users during the preliminary phase, but then deleted them when we realized that any active exchange online users emails would go to the exchange mailboxes and never see the internet. We deleted the users and recreated them only as we activated them and moved their mail over.

    So, the short answer is yes - the longer one is that we did the same for several users, and that this account worked for at least a couple of weeks after we recreated it.


  • Hi Wes,

    This what O365 tech support say:

    "By the deletion of user object its login data are preserved as well, that is why the newly created one, who has the same User Principal Name confuses the server. "

    And this is how they suggest to get around it:

    • You've got a mailbox account with a UPN of
    • You've also got a deleted mailbox account with a UPN of
    • jbloggs can access mailbox via OWA but can't configure for Outlook because of the user data conflict between the two accounts.
    1. Restore the deleted account Because there is already an existing account with the same name you need to supply a different UPN - let's say
    2. Did you delete the mailbox more than once?  If you did, then there will be other deleted mailbox accounts that you will need to restore (restore as jbloggs-2, etc.)
    3. Now there are no conflicting deleted mailbox accounts for jbloggs.
    4. Delete the mailbox.  Because the deleted mailbox does now not have the same UPN as the active jbloggs account, there won't be a conflict.
    5. Test the account (e.g. ExRCA or setup in Outlook).

    Hope this works for you.

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  • PS C:\Windows\system32> New-Mailbox -Name "OldRob Brown" -RemovedMailbox "Robert Brown" -MicrosoftOnlineServicesID -Password (ConvertTo-SecureString -String 'xxxxxxxx' -AsPlainText -Force)

    The removed mailbox "Robert Brown" doesn't exist.

       + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [New-Mailbox], RecipientTaskException

       + FullyQualifiedErrorId : C3223159,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.RecipientTasks.NewMailbox


    Rod - this was a great idea,makes perfect sense - even though it did not work in this case, it's great information.

    Regarding the non-existent deleted mailbox, mea culpa - If memory serves, Robert was the first mailbox created and activated, and did not fall victim to our mass deletion.

    Or are they permanently deleted after some length of time, perhaps? (Maybe it will work when he gets back..)


    Wes Jones

  • @WJ, thanks for sharing your experience.

    @Wes, same idea with WJ. Try to change the smtp address of this user on MOP (online portal) and use  If it works for autodiscover, then change back and wait couple hours.

    Thanks, Neo Zhu

  • Changed the domain; account logged in and updated Outlook without incident. (!)

    Unless you recommend otherwise, I will let it run for awhile, then close Outlook, change the domain back and try it again..

    Good call -

    Wes Jones (WJ)