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How to determining when Connected Accounts has made a full copy of the connected account

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We are using the connected accounts utility in OWA to allow students to move their email messages and folders from the on premises mail system to their Microsoft hosted accounts using IMAP.

Before a student can start the Connected Accounts process we will have stopped mail delivery to the on premises mailbox. Our current challenge is determining when all messages and folders have been copied across to the cloud.

For example, does the copy happen chronologically meaning if the oldest message is present all other messages have been copied? (With the proviso regarding max message size) Are there tests/checks we can direct our students to perform? Are there administrative tools that can check this status?





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  • If you are using the Connected Accounts feature from OWA, on the status column you will see a OK, when  all E-mail have been moved.

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  • Yes, if the status of the Connected Account is "OK", it means that all the emails have been downloaded to the connected account in Office 365.

  • Thanks, I'll see how we can make that work to help cleaning up things as we move past the data migration stage of the project.

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