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Online Archive

  • Hello,


    We are in a rich coexistance envirenment. We have only Exchange 2010 sp1 for our on-premise servers and have enable online archives for all users.


    I migrated a user by using the remote move in Exchange console and selected to just Migrate the Archive Mailbox of the user. This was the default selection. The Archive Mailbox moved successfully but the user can not connect to it. No where in 365 is there an option to view JUST the archive mailboxes.  The user has lost all ability to connect to the online archive since it now sits in the Microsoft cloud.


    Outlook asks for a username and password to connect, and after succesfully connecting when the user clicks the online archive they get an error:


    The set of folders cannot be opened.


    Is this a bug?



  • Hello Larry,

    Two things immediately come to mind:

    1.  What level of RBAC permissions does your user have?

    2.  Have you tried using PowerShell to grant full access to your user on that mailbox?

    Thank you, Jeff McDonald, O365 Forum Moderator

  • The user is Global Admin and there is no primary mailbox. Just the Online Archive Mailbox was moved

  • Hello Larry,

    Have you tried granting your user full access to the archive mailbox?

    Thank you, Jeff McDonald, O365 Forum Moderator