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Send Receive Error 0x8004010F - Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed

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I am experiencing this error on a mailbox which multiple people have access to. This mailbox is a secondary box used a shared resource in the office, specifically its the 'info@domain' box.

All full access users can see the box in Outlook 2010, only two accounts have send as permissions. When the issue occurs mail can not be sent, it sits in the Outbox and a 'Send Receive Error 0x8004010F Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed' is presented.

The issue will sometimes resolve itself, sometimes I can remedy it by forcing Outlook to ask for credentials. OWA access is always available and email sends fine.

When the issue occurs on PC1, PC2 is also stopped from sending mail via this account.

I have created a new Outlook profile for one user who is the primary user of the mailbox, issue is still occurring.

Assistance would be appreciated.

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  • Hi JohnC396,

    Based on current information, the issue should relate to outlook data file. Please follow the action plan below to fix the issue. Thanks.

    1. Remove OSB file and OST file.
    2. Follow the KB article below to reconfigure the problematic outlook.

    Error 0x8004010F in Outlook 2010

    Best Regards,
    Alex Du

  • Hi JohnC396,

    How are things going on your side? If you need further assistance, please let me know. Thanks.

    Alex Du

  • So far so good. The fix was implemented on Friday, so no use over the weekend. Will know more in a couple of days.

  • Hi JohnC396,

    Thanks for your reply.

    If there is any update on the status of the issue, please feel free to post back. Thanks for your continuing cooperation.

    Best Regards,
    Grace Shi

  • Hi Alex,

    The issue has occurred again however it can be remedied by closing/re-opening Outlook for one user.

    Is it possible one of the other computers is causing the issue but only the user who attempts a 'send as' sees it?

  • Hi JohnC396,

    Based on current information the issue should relate to outlook configurations or add-in. So, I’d like suggest you submitting new thread to outlook forum. Our outlook support engineer will help you fix the issue.

    Please understand we don’t push you between supports. However, we are office 365 support engineers. We are not familiar at outlook technology. We just want help you fix the issue in a more efficient manner. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in advance.

    you may find outlook support forum in the link below.

    Best Regards,
    Alex Du