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When I open my browser to read email at I get redirected to to login, when I enter my office365 credentials it says password is wrong, I assume because I have a office365 login, not a live login.


If I go to, I get redirected to the correct office365 url, and I can login OK.


Why would I be redirected to from office365 OWA login?

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  • Hello Craig,

    Do you mean that when you access “”, it redirects to Live login page?

    If so, based on my experience, the issue may be caused by Internet Explorer cache files.
    Therefore, please close and re-open Internet Explorer to see if it works. If the issue persists, please clear the cache files in Internet Explorer, such as cookies and browsing data to see if it works.


  • Try using

  • Its that goes to the wrong login ( goes to the correct one (

    My browser history was defaulting to when I typed in '', if I typed in '' it works OK.

    There is more info here on http vs. https

    I opened a service request, and apparently the certificate error and wrong login page is 'by design' when using

  • Hello Craig,

    Thanks for your feedback. I understand that you have raised a service request of the issue.
    To assist you monitor the progress of the service request, I would appreciate if you could provide the service request number in private message. Once getting it, I will check the status and find if any other assistance we can provide from the community side.

    To see the private message:
    1. Please go to "Your details" section on the right side of the community site.
    2. Click Private messages.
    3. Click the subject title <Please provide the service request number> of the response to read the message.

    Thanks for understanding,

  • Hello Craig,

    How are the things going?
    In addition, do you need further assistance on the issue?

    Best regards,

  • We just upgraded to Office 365 for Education from Live@EDU.  Many of my users when trying to login to are getting redirected to which of course doesn't work.  I've had some luck getting my users logged successfully in if they don't click Remember Me or Keep Me Logged In.

    Since I see from this thread that this has been going on since May of 2012, you would think someone would have come up with a solution.  Help!  I'm dealing with scores of angry users....

  • We just upgraded from Live@EDU to Office 365 for Education.  Many of my users are being redirected to which of course does not work.  How do I keep this from happening?

  • Hi Kevin,

    From the description, the issue may be caused by the cache files of Internet Explorer. Please clear them to see if it works. If the issue persists, I suggest posting it in a new thread in the forum. After that, our support engineer will help you in the new thread.


  • Kevin,

    Do the affected users have the same id for Live as 365 ie If so, a lot of people are struggling with this because  MSFT detects the id system used and redirects accordingly. There's apparently no fix despite the numerous reports of problems.

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  • Yes, they do have the same id.  We just upgraded from Live@EDU to Office 365 for Education this past Friday.  You would think Microsoft would have anticipated this and found a fix before they forced everyone to upgrade from Live@EDU to Office 365 for Education.  This issue was not listed in their upgrade docs.

  • Hi Kevin,

    Have you tried deleting all cache files to fix the issue?
    Moreover, for better assistance about transition from Live@Edu to Office 365 for Education, I'd like to suggest contacting Live@Edu support directly. You can find the contact information at


  • I get this a lot. I manage Azure using a Live ID but have corporate email using an organisational account.

    When logged in using the Live ID, a cookie is created that forces the redirect.

    Just delete the cookie called 'clntrealm' and refresh the page.

    Better still, use Google chrome and add a user for the Live account and another for the Organisational account. That way they can both remain logged in without having to delete cookies, clear cache or log out and in again.

    I'm not sure if IE has this feature - but honestly; who in their right mind uses IE now anyway?!