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Live Meeting Calendar invites

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I manage my outlook email on desktop rather than through the Outlook Web Access portal and whenever I get a Live Meeting invite from my partner who is also on the same domain, it comes across as a link rather than a calendar invite that I can accept/decline through my desktop outlook. 


How do I change this so when I get a Live Meeting invite, it allows me to add it to my desktop calendar?


I have tried several workaround to get it done and failed.


i tried to download the service connector and facing the same issue.


I downloaded the Conferencing add-in as well and getting the same issue.


Any support would be highly appreciated.

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  • Hi Sumit,

    I’d like to confirm that when receive a meeting invitation, you get a link rather than a calendar invite.
    If this is the case, please follow the steps below to narrow down your issue:
    1. When you get the meeting invitation, please sign in your OWA from here:, and check if you can get a calendar invite from there.
    2. Please check other people who also receive this invitation, if they receive a link or a calendar invite.
    3. Please confirm that you receive an online meeting invitation or a normal meeting invitation.

    Robert Li


  • Hello Robert,

    Thanks for your response.

    I have already checked and found I receive invitation on both Outlook and OWA.

    This is happening with only 2 users including me.

    The situation is the other user when sending me a meeting I get the link, to others they get a proper meeting request.

    When I am sending a meeting request to him he gets a link, if I send it to others everything works well.

  • Hello Robert,

    Any updates on this please.

    I am eager waiting for some troubleshooting steps to work upon this issue

  • Hi Sumit,

    In Outlook, click the file tab and click options.

    Select Calendar, then clear the checkbox "When sending meeting requests outside of your organization, use the iCalendar format"

    Click OK, Close then reopen Outlook

    Let me know if that resolves the issue,


  • Hi.

    This i exactly the same problem I have but the invite is created from OWA not on the client side. I cannot however find a setting as suggested above in OWA.



  • Hi Max,

    Since the original problem presented with Outlook and not OWA, it pointed to a problem with the Outlook client, while your issue would point to either a problem with your browser or your Office 365 user account.

    To help us with tracking, since this is a different problem, could you start a new thread with a complete discription of the problem and including the answer to the following questions:

    What browser are you using (brand and version)?

    Does the problem persist if you try a different browser?

    If you try from a different computer, outside your network, does the problem persist?

    Does this issue affect any of ther users or just you?

    When did you notice the problem?

    Did you transition from BPOS?

    If so, was this user created on BPOS? Are other users created on BPOS having the same problem?