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Migrating meeting room calendars

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Hey I'm trying to migrate our meeting rooms calendars from Google to Office365. I used Outlook 2010 to migrate the user calendars however you can't connect to asset accounts using Outlook, not even when I paid for it to have a mailbox. 

Is there a way I can connect to the mailbox using outlook to migrate calendars manually like I did for the rest of the accounts?

I can access the mailbox and calendar using the OWA but it won't connect with outlook, just keeps asking for a password (which I've triple checked and then changed and then triple checked again).

Alternatively are there any other ways that people have found to migrate calendars?

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  • Hi krisgesling,

    For my understanding you want to move the calendar krisgesling from Google to Office365. If so , you can use ical to do that.  Detail information you can take a look at

    Thanks, Neo Zhu

  • Hi Neo, thanks for the suggestion but I've successfully synced all of our user calendars, what I'm now trying to get across are the meeting room calendars. Unfortunately I can't connect to the meeting room account with outlook.

    So for example has been setup as an asset, but I purchased a user licence for it so that I could connect to it using outlook and import the calendar. I can log in using the web app but not using the desktop client. I'm guessing that asset accounts are blocked from logging in remotely?

  • Hi krisgesling,

    I'd like you can assign the full permission of to your account ,then use Autodiscover service to launch the To do this,

    - connect Exchange online via PowerShell

    - RUN "Add-MailboxPermission -Identity  -User -AccessRights fullaccess "

    Thanks, Neo Zhu

  • Hi Krisgesling,

    How are you doing? I am just writing to see if there is any progress on this issue. I do not mean to push you. I just want to ensure that you do not encounter any problems during the troubleshooting. Thank you.

    Neo Zhu

  • Hi Neo,

    I'd already given myself full access rights and can view the various meeting room calendars and can add or change individual events in those calendars. The problem is if you try to import a calendar file from .ics it imports it into your primary calendar which is my user calendar ie rather than the meeting room calendar

    To migrate our other users calendars I had to login to their accounts one by one using the MS Outlook 2010 desktop client on windows as the Mac version doesn't have the same import functionality. I then imported that users .ics calendar file, updated the server and moved onto the next user. This doesn't seem possible with meeting rooms as it won't let me connect to the account using exchange.

    So connecting through my account doesn't work as I can't import the file into the appropriate calendar and I can't connect to the meeting room account itself. If there is a way around either of these issues I'd be extremely grateful.

  • I'm now also getting this error when creating a new Room Mailbox

    "Cannot open mailbox /o=ExchangeLabs/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=SIXPRD0410MB370/cn=Microsoft System Attendant."

    and when I click for more help:

    "There's no article associated with the error you found, Error ID: Ex2B87C8, but you can get help a couple of different ways. We recommend trying forums first."

  • Hi krisgesling,

    Thanks for your reply. You can choose the lolcation of the user's calendar. If you have used auto-mapping to launch the user's calendar, you can directly import the ics file or pst file to other user's calendar. You can take a look at the following picutre.

    As the error message you mentioned, you can safe ignore that.

    Thanks, Neo Zhu

  • What version of Outlook are you using because I don't have that option available on either Outlook for Mac 2011 or Windows Outlook 2010?

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  • Hi krisgesling,

    Please follow the steps below to find this import wizard:

    For Windows Outlook 2010:


    You can import ics file or pst file.

    For more information:


    Robert Li

  • Hi Robert,

    That is the import wizard in Outlook for PC 2010 that I used for all of the user accounts however I don't get the option to select a folder as I'm importing an ics file not a pst. The only options I have after selecting the ics file I want to import is to 'Open as new', 'Import' or 'Cancel'.

    Open as new creates a new folder which therefore doesn't import it into the primary calendar of the meeting room.

    Import, just imports it into the user account that Outlook is currently configured with

    We're having so many problems with these meeting room calendars. Some users can't see who has responded to their meeting request, other users are creating meetings but the invite isn't getting through to the meeting room causing double bookings.

    For users there are strange characters appearing in invites, their calendars aren't synchronising correctly across devices, particularly iOS devices. We also have users needing to rebuild their outlook databases multiple times a week from Outlook crashing, contacts swapping names and contacts duplicating over and over in the address book from the iOS incompatibility.

    Everyone promises that despite how hard it is to migrate to, once you get setup in O365 it's seamless, we're certainly not yet having such a 'hassle free' experience. Hopefully one day soon.

  • Hi krisgesling,

    I'm sorry you have been having so many problems moving to Office 365. Here is something you can try for uploading your calendar to your room mailboxes:

    1. convert the room mailbox to a user mailbox

        a. connect remote powershell -

        b. use the following command to convert the mailbox:

    get-mailbox -identity | set-mailbox -type "regular"

    NOTE: this command may throw an error "The user and the mailbox are in different Active Directory sites..", but if you refresh the users and groups tab in Exchange Control Panel, the mailbox type should be updated to be a "user"

    2. you should now be able to connect to the mailbox with Outlook and import the calendar

    3. convert the mailbox back to a room mailbox with the following command:

    get-mailbox -identity | set-mailbox -type "room"

    Let me know if that works,


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  • Hi David,

    Unfortunately since this has taken so long and I was under the impression that there wasn't a viable solution, I had to get a staff member to go through and manually recreate the calendars.

    The solution you've proposed would certainly be very useful for anyone else in a similar situation to us.