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Why does DNS propagation take so long?

  • It "usually takes 15 minutes" It doesn' you wait 24 hours....then wait 72 hours..... all the time customers going elsewhere.



    TXT - verified - 3 days to do so on 1st domain name

    Nameserver changed - 3 days to do so on 1st domain


    TXT - verified - 3 days on 2nd domain pointing to same website

    Namerservers changed - 3 days on second domain " " "


    STILL NO SECOND DOMAIN LIVE AS IN WEBSITE!! trouble shooting says all is well and everything points the correct way.


    We will be PAYING for this service in 5 months time and then "a bit of hassle" becomes hugely annoying and a deal breaker. We have lost our OLSB free "for ever" website taken up the offer of a "smooth" transfer to MS365 and our businesses are now suffering for what is a less than smooth transfer.

    A company as huge as MS with I assume great technical minds working for them should have been able to work out a better system than this. Heres a thought - you should have charged us for OLSB and left it alone.

  • Hi pig courses,

    I understand that you have verified your domain and added name server records for two domains.

    After verifying your domain in Office 365, your website will be unavailable on the Internet until you follow these steps to change the address in Office 365.

    1. On the Admin Overview page and click Domains.
    2. Above the list of domains, next to Your SharePoint website address is, click Change address. Follow the directions to use your domain for your website.

    For the detailed information, you can refer the following website: 

    If any error message appears when accessing your public facing website, please capture a screenshot and post it in the forum.

    Monica Tong

  • It certainly worked Monica - thank you

    However I have two domain names pointing to the same website AND and you can only access the website via one of them. It currently shows and not

    I need both as i have two aspects to the same business. MS365 clearly said that 2 domains could point to the same website - if they didn't I would have changed to a different provider and not gone through all this grief changing over. It worked very well on OLSB

    Help please and through simple instruction please

  • I have waited 2 days so far to verify domain.  Nothing yet.  Does it typically take the full 72 hours?  Very frustrating!  Does it take another 3 days to change the name server?

  • Hi pig courses,

    I am glad to hear that it worked fine. Regarding the two domain point to the same website, to better support you, I suggest posting a new thread in SharePoint forum.

    Hi MikeyT,

    Because of the way updates move through the domain name system (DNS), it can take up to 72 hours before the changes you make at a domain registrar or hosting provider fully propagate through the Internet and you can begin using your domain name with your services.

    In addition, the edits that you make at the domain registrar must be exactly correct. If you go back to correct an error, it may take several days for the updated setting to appear on your Office 365 site.

    How long will it take? It depends in part on the time to live (TTL) setting you’ve specified for the DNS record that you are replacing or updating. Until the TTL expires, Internet servers that have cached the previous data won’t query the authoritative name server to request the new value.

    In addition, make sure that you’ve updated your name server records in addition to adding and verifying your domain with Office 365. Office 365 can’t make the necessary changes to your DNS records to configure email and other services until you’ve redirected your DNS hosting to Office 365.

    The causes are different from the configuration. If the issue persists, to better follow up the issue, I suggest posting a new question in the forum with the detailed problem description and error message.
    Monica Tong