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Recurring Tasks not completing on mobile with exchange activesync WM6.5

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My mobile is linked to synchronise with my Office 365 P1 OWA via exchange using activesync on WM6.5.

When i complete a recurring task in my outlook 2007 desk app, it generates the next task and fully syncs with my OWA tasks. However, on my mobile, the next task is generated, but the task that was completed still shows up and does not show as completed. What's going on here? Previously when i was sync'ing mobile outlook with desk outlook via usb cable i had no problem like this. is there a solution?

Thanks for your help.

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  • The reason she wasn’t having an issue with the reoccurring tasks before is because she was syncing her device using the USB Cable directly to the computer and having all the information sync to her phone that way. So by syncing directly to the computer via the USB Cable the reoccurring tasks will sync over.

    However, when using windows mobile 6.5 on O365 which uses the Exchange 2010 server and even in the BPOS wave 12 world reoccurring tasks did not work and they would not sync using EAS. This has always been an issue.

    There are a few tests I would like to confirm; however, it may require mobile updates:

    First the user need to update her Windows Mobile Phone to Windows Mobile 7.

    Second re-enter the credentials on the phone to get Exchange Activesync on it. Then create a reoccurring tasks and test.


  • Hi Navtejpm,

    Does your issue continue to occur or has it been fixed?

    Best Regards,

    Reken Liu

  • Hi. My question has been partially answered. You have confirmed that tasks on WM6.5 don't sync well with O365. I am not able to upgrade to WM7 until i change my mobile. Is there not a patch or update that would fix this issue with WM6.5 Tasks? I am using a workaround now by syncing tasks via usb with my PC and everything else via exchange. Why is backward compatability not built in? Thanks.