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Share calendar and Office 2011 Mac

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we shared the calendars throught outlook web and everything seems fine: we can see the avaibility of each other from OWA and from Outlook 2011 for windows. 

The problem came with mac user with Outlook 2011 for Mac: they can manually open the shared calendars, which shows up on the left bar but the calendars are empty and don't sync with the server

There's no connection error with the Exchange server, outlook says that "all folders are up to date" and the same user can see other's shared calendar from OWA. We also updated all mac outlook to the last version (14.1.4) without any luck.

Is there a way to solve this problem?

Thank you,


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  • Hi LG,

    Thanks for posting here.
    I understand that you could not see the shared calendar detailed information in client Outlook 2011 for Mac. Is it right?
    If it is the case, to help us narrow down this issue would you please take the following steps?
    1. Please log in to OWA with this user account and check if this shared calendar’s items can be shown in OWA successfully?
    2. Create a new Outlook 2011 identity and then add the account again, then check if the issue persists.
    Set Up Outlook for Mac 2011 for Your E-Mail Account
    3. Are there any other users who are also using Outlook 2011 for Mac experiencing the similar issue in your company?

    Grace Shi

  • Hi Grace,

    yes, users of Outlook 2011 for Mac can't see the content of shared calendars: the calendars show up on the right bar, but they are empty, even after forcing the sync and clearing the cache (with a right click on shared calendars name -> folder properties -> empty cache).

    1. Yes, on OWA it's possible to see the content of shared calendars.

    2.  I've followed the linked istruction and created a new identity, but the problem remain.

    3. Every users in my company with Outlook 2011 for Mac have the same issue; Users of Office 2010 for Windows don't have any problems. The sharing works fine for every one in OWA.

    Thank you,


  • Sorry, any suggestion on how to solve the issue?

  • Hello Lore,

    Sorry for the delay in response; I would like to know if this issue has been resolved or is it still outstanding?

    All the best,
    Ryan E. Geiger

  • Hi Ryan,

    no, we still have the issue (and we've also updated Office Mac to the last version 14.2.2).

  • Thanks for the reply Lore,

    Can you verify the permissions level of the users in viewing the other user's calendar?  It has to be at least "review" level.  The default "Free/Busy" level will work in OWA but not in Outlook 2011 for Mac to my understanding.  You can set these permissions through Outlook from the profile of the user who is sharing out the calendar. 

    Thanks Lore.

    All the best,
    Ryan E. Geiger

  • Hi, sorry for the late reply.

    Yes, we're still having the issue, even with the permission set for "review" or higher. In OWA everything is fine, but not on Outlook 2011 Mac.

    Thank you,


  • Sorry but we're having problems with Outlook 2011 for Mac and you're telling me I've to something with a windows PC? And will it work with Office 365 server? We don't have any internal Exchange server...

  • Hello Lore,

    I found this similar issue:

    "...set the permissions to at least reviewer.  The default is free/busy, location which works fine for OWA but does not work for Outlook.  The user sharing the Calendar will need to set these permissions in Outlook not OWA."

    Does this help at all?

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