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How do I setup Office 365 in Thunderbird 11 in Mac?

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How do I setup Office 365 in Thunderbird 11 in Mac? 

Below is what I did but still failed....

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  • Hi, Sorry you are not getting connected. Looks like you looked up your IMAP and SMTP server names OK. And your full e-mail address for Username is also correct.

    Did you try 587 as the Outgoing/SMTP Port as mentioned near the bottom of the Use POP and IMAP programs page?

    Did you check out the topic Set up Mozilla Thunderbird for your account? For example, I recall there was a suggestion to try to select AutoDetect under Authentication.


    Jon H. MSFT

  • Thank you for the helpful link!! I finally get connect with Office 365 with Thunderbird 11

    But I then encountered another problem which is the my Thunderbird cannot sync the Sent Item from the server.

    Is there a way to sync the Sent Item with server in Thunderbird so I can review the email I have sent in the past ?

    Pls help~

    I'm a Mac user. (iMac 27")

    My Thunderbird version is 11.0.1

  • Update:

    When I go to Outlook in Office 365 website then go to "Option" > "Show All Option" > "Setting for POP, IMAP, and SMTP access..." a window pop up with the information below:


    IMAP setting

    Server name:

    Port: 993

    Encrption method: SSL


    SMTP setting

    Server name:

    Port: 587

    Encrption method: TLS


    If I create the email account using the above setting; I cannot get connect to the server. But if I use the server name: for both IMAP & SMTP, I can send/receive emails. However, the problem is that it cannot sync the emails in the Sent Item from the server. 


    Pls help me with this!!!!!!


    Thank you,


  • Hi Michael,

    In some cases, if you've set up Thunderbird to use IMAP, you need to set up Thunderbird to put messages that you've sent into the Sent Items folder on the Exchange server. You can do this as follows:

    1. To sign in to your e-mail account using Thunderbird, click Get Mail in Thunderbird.
    2. In Thunderbird, on the Tools menu, click Account Settings.
    3. In the navigation pane of Account Settings, select Copies & Folders for your e-mail account.
    4. In Copies & Folders in the right pane, under When sending messages, automatically, select Other. In the drop-down list, select your user name, and then select Sent Items.
    5. Click OK.

    For more information, please refer to Set Up Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0 for Your E-Mail Account.

    Reken Liu

  • Hello... Reken Liu! 

    I follow your instruction but I'm kinda stuck at step# 4 because when I select Other, there is not Sent Item for me to select. Pls see my photo below: (I guess it's because I'm the Mac user, and my Thunderbird version is 11 not 2)

    Is there another way to solve this problem? Pls help~~~

  • Hi Michael,

    I noticed that in the picture you provided there is an item named "Sent" in the dropdown list. I think it's the same option with Sent Item in your application. Would you please select "Sent", and click OK to see if it works?

    Reken Liu

  • Hi Reken,

    It's no use! After select "Sent" from "Others", my TB 11 still cannot sync the Sent Item from my Office 365 server.

    Is there another way to solve this problem? 

    The funny think is that I use TB 11 (Mac version) to send out the email, TB didn't sync the Sent Item with Office 365. 

    But if I go to Office 365 website to check, the email that I just sent appears in the Sent Item. So, it means that I setup the server name correctly but just cannot sync with TB11!!!!!

  • Hi Michael,

    Apologize for the delay on response. I have consulted others about this issue, and I got the information that Thunderbird is currently not fully supported in Office 365. I will continue to do more research about this, and let you know the lastest information.

    Reken Liu

  • Hi Michael,

    Thunderbird is supported with POP or IMAP connections, and there are 3 different help articles about using Thunderbird in Office 365:

    Set Up Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0 for Your E-Mail Account
    Set Up Mozilla Thunderbird 3.0 for Your E-Mail Account
    Set Up Mozilla Thunderbird 8.0 for Your E-Mail Account
    However, currently we haven't got an official document about settings with Thunderbird 11. Since Thunderbird uses a folder named Sent to store sent items. Exchange and Outlook Web App use a folder named Sent Items. Before you can see the Sent Items in the "Other" dropdown options, you need to subscribe Sent Items folder first. Please refer to the last part of the document for Thunderbird 8.0, which may be approximate with your phone.

    Reken Liu

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  • Hi Michael,

    I am writing to follow up on the previous reply, and I would like to know the status of the issue. Has it been resolved now?

    Reken Liu

  • Yes~ the problem is solved!!

    Thank you very much!!!! ^.^