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Is there a new URL to access your outlook email for personalized domains?

  • Hi - I am using my own domain.  I have pointed my two name servers to Office 365.  In the past I have used GoDaddy to host my exchange email.  To access my email i would use  Is there something similar I can use for Office365?

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  • hello

    the OWA URL for Office 365 is or

  • I understand that.  But if I am using my own personalized domain can I use my domain name as part of the URL to access my email?  Do I have to use or if I have a personalized domain?

    btw - I notice that you are quick to reply to messages but are not answering the specific questions.  Please do not reply unless you are interested in helping people.  Otherwise it seems you are trying to increase your message count on these boards - would hate to spend time reporiting you while I am trying to solve problems.  You did this with my other question.

  • Dss

    I answer to your question; even if you don't like it

    so, now you are more specific, you can try creating an CNAME record (alias) on your Internet domain which points to Office 365, anyway it doesn't allow you to manage the OWA url

    so it's better to use the previous URL provided

  • It's that your answers are not helpful or specific to the point.  Also you are replying too quickly and provided an error in your reply - doesn't work with user defined aliases.
  • You could host a redirect on a web server under your own management, which receives browser requests for and redirects to (As it is best practice to encourage users to always use https://, you would need a certificate for to apply to your web server, and you may wish to have both http://... and https://... redirect to, or have a "you should be using https://..." message on the http:// page before redirecting).


  • I solved this using a CName in the DNS manager in Office365:

    - Go to your Portal home page, then click Admin at the top.

    - Go to Domains under Management on the left.

    - Click on your primary domain in the list.

    - Click on DNS manager at the top.

    - Create a cname called "mail" that points to

    Now if your users go to "" it'll take them to OWA. Obviously you can change the CName to be whatever you want.

  • Hi codepoet. Thing is, with Office365 accounts, going to you cannot successfully log in using an Office365-related Live credential - at least, I can't, and I take it from some other posts in this thread that others have the same problem.  To use the domain to log in to an Office365 email box, we must use, which a CNAME record does not support.  It takes a proper redirection.

    Now, I do think, since obviously some of the other Microsoft hosted Exchange services have worked by logging in at, that we should be pushing Microsoft to make this work also for Office365 related Live credentials... But for now, that doesn't seem to work for some or all of us.


    Jay Libove, CISSP, CIPP, CIPP/IT, CISM

  • That's weird that it works for some, but not for others. I imagine it depends which server you got assigned to. I agree, this should definitely be available for everyone.

  • Use (so just normal http). You can use it in your CNAME i guess.

  • Create a CNAME for webmail (for example) and point this to Then when the user visits they will see the correct loging page (, which then redirects to the Microsoft Login servers or the onpremises ADFS server if that is enabled). See for full details.

  • See for the Microsoft guidance on what URLs to use for direct OWA access in different scenarios.