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major e-mail issues between exchange and android (both old and latest ICS version)

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For a few weeks now, I have not been receiving e-mails on my android phone.  No problems with syncing contacts and calendar, but e-mail ... forget it. 


Two days ago, I updated my Samsung Galaxy S2 mobile to ICS version of Android.  Re-installed all apps and set up O365 Exchange account and voila... everything works fine. 


The next day. same problem... no e-mails can be received, emails can be sent and contacts and calendar can be synced.


I noticed that my exchange server had changed from to  I tried both servers again in account settings on the phone as well as - but nothing works. Each time accont settings are changed, the process starts to check incoming server settings.  Occassionally the process downloads new certificates.  But the process ends with "setup could not finish, cannot connect to server".


MSFT ... I/your other users need a solution for this asap please. 


Thank you,  kkc

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  • Hi KKC,

    Currently, Exchange Online is making a change that affects how mobile devices using Exchange ActiveSync connect to their mailbox. This change will deploy over the next few months since December 2011. Most users will not be affected and will not need to make any configuration changes to their device. However, this situation would only affect a small subset of mobile devices which is not running a fully compliant version of Exchange ActiveSync. These devices may experience connection errors.

    Generally, the server name would be able to work for most situations, however, as there are different versions/kinds of Android phones, it would not be possible to cover all the possibilities for the server name for all the devices.

    You may follow the steps in the Mobile Phone Setup Wizard to configure your phone to connect to the site address for your account.

    For detailed information about it, please refer to the links below:

    Exchange ActiveSync changes may affect a small number of users

    Exchange Online December 2011 Service Update

    Anna Guo

  • Hello Anna

    I am aware of these suggestions having already checked on the forum and applied them.  Unfortunately, these instructions fail to resolve the problem.  

    What makes this whole process very, VERY frustrating is that MSFT is propagating changes and doing so without informing users in advance.  It is not acceptable to post upcoming changes on the forum ... MSFT has users and admins e-mail addresses... the least that MSFT can do is send an e-mail warning users of upcoming changes well in advance and secondly, to say that changes will be propagated over 1-2 months is a joke (sorry to be so blunt).  I would expect to have a window of no more than one day for any change that impacts servers that I am using.  

    If MSFT charges for a 24x7 service then please improve internal processes and communications so that neither I nor my users have to go hunting through forums for answers which make no sense as it is not clear if any change has been applied or not.

    You can see the effect of this with users complaining on the forum... some saying suggested fixes work... others that the same fixes don't.  Either way it's hardly possible to nail the source of the problem as users cannot be sure if their servers have been updated....!!!

    I am aware that you are not directly responsible for the lack of communications and pre-change preparation.  Please pass this onto those who are responsible.

    Can you please tell me if the servers I am using have been updated?  If they have, then it's clear that something is still broken and I would like to work with you or your colleagues to get to a fix.

    Thank you,  kkc.

  • Hi KKC,

    Thanks for your reply.

    As this issue only affects a small subset of mobile devices which is not running a fully compliant version of Exchange ActiveSync instead of all the users, it may not be possible to send an e-mail warning for all the users for this update. However, since you have some concern about this, you may also send feedback about your concern on the Office 365 website with the following link:

    < Online Services/Feedback.aspx?formID=210>

    Your useful ideas and feedback will help us improve our products and service. Your time and efforts are highly appreciated.

    As for the issue you encountered, I would like to confirm if you have checked the updated Exchange server name and if you have tried to follow the steps in Mobile Phone Setup Wizard to set up your Office 365 account on your mobile phone. Will it still not work?

    Anna Guo

  • Hello Anna

    Yes, I have tried the wizard already but it does not help resolve the issue.  Can you please take a look at the issue... check the servers etc.   The phone I am using is one of the current bestsellers - Samsung Galaxy S2... I would be very surprised if if this is part of your "small subset of incompatible phones".

    Thx, kkc

  • Hi KKC,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Based on the current situation, I would suggest you restart your mobile phone and try the steps below to set up email using the following settings:

    Email: email address

    Username: email address

    Domain: leave it blank

    Server: (or use External POP setting from OWA)

    SSL: activated

    Here is a link about it for your reference:

    Anna Guo

  • Hello Anna

    I tried out your suggestion and here are the results:

    1. Restart the mobile, apply changed settings as per your suggestion:
    worked the first sync, subsequent syncs failed and at some stage the
    account gets deleted

    2. Wipe device, then recreate exchange account using your suggested
    settings: worked the first sync, subsequent syncs failed and at some
    stage the account gets deleted

    3. Re-installed mobile ROM using Odin: Setup exchange account and
    everything worked until, I restarted Outlook 2010 on my desktop.  Upon
    restart, the client flagged the following messages:




    I clicked on "View certificate" and then on "Install certificate" as
    proposed on the second screen.  After this point, syncs started failing
    on e-mails.


    So clearly this is a certificate related issue.  Does this help in proposing a suitable answer?

    Thank you,  kkc.


  • Hi kkc,

    The certificate issue suggested the autodiscover record is incorrect. Based on my query, the autodisocver reocrd for does not exit in public DNS. Please make sure there is an CNAME record for and point to available in both internal and public DNS.

    Lester Zhang

  • Hello Lester


    Ok; so I have created the cname entries.  After a few hours, sync started working although I had to wipe my mobile and recreate the account.  Thanks for the answer...!!


    I have two issues however:


    1. the Outlook desktop client "send sms" function does not work even though my online account says it's enabled.  However I noticed that the mobile phone number has not propagated when I check online to see which device is registered.  See image:



    2.  I am no longer able to login into O365 on IE, Chrome or Firefox. I suspect it has to do with stored cookies,certificates etc.  I was able to login in when I used IE's "Start InPrivate Browsing" functionality. What should I be looking for in cookies, certificates or whatever ... so I can delete it and let the relationships re-establish?  The images below are from all three browers:






    Thank you,  kkc.

  • Hi KKC,

    Thanks for your reply. For these two issues, I will answer your questions one by one.

    For your first question, according to comparison of Exchange ActiveSync clients,  

    For SMS sync feature, not all native device support with newer 2.3 phones. Also 3rd party Android Apps (ie Touchdown) have added support for SMS Sync.

    Please check the two links below about it:

    Send and receive text messages (SMS)

    Comparison of Exchange ActiveSync clients

    For your second question, I would like to confirm if you could only be able to log in Office 365 Portal using IE's "Start In Private Browsing" functionality. If this is the case, please try to log into OWA from this link  and see if you could access it on IE.

    To troubleshoot this issue, you could also try to run Internet Explorer with no add-ons.

    Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Internet Explorer (with no add-ons)

    You could also try to delete browsing history and reset Internet Explorer (IE) and see if it helps.

    1. Click Start, please type “inetcpl.cpl” (without quotation marks) in the Start Search bar and press Enter to open the Internet options window.

    2. Check Delete browsing history on exist and click Delete…

    3. Switch to the Advanced tab.

    4. Click the "Reset Internet Explorer Settings" button.

    5. Click Reset to confirm the operation.

    6. Click Close when the resetting process has finished.

    7. Uncheck the "Enable third-party browser extensions" option in the Settings box.

    8. Click Apply, click OK. Please check the issue again.

    Anna Guo

  • Hello Anna

    OK, with regards to the browser errors, I have resolved these, by deleting all microsoftonline cookies and then in each browser things worked fine.  

    The inability to send SMSs from the Outlook 2010 desktop client is still an issue.  This used to work fine until a few weeks ago.  The phone I am using is a Samsung S2 i9100 running Android  Icecream Sandwich (ICS).  The answers you have provided are for a Windows phone.  Can you come back to me with a suitable solution for Android?  FYI... the android is set to sync all Outlook objects including SMS.

    Interestingly, I tried sending an sms from the Outlook Online client and that failed too.  But the compose sms window did show the following message - perhaps a useful clue for you or your colleagues:

    "This text message may be delayed because your GT-i9100 phone, which is used to send text messages isn't synchronizing.....".

    One observation: It seems as though the PUSH feature used to be a lot faster ... since MSFT made changes to Exchange, the PUSH feels a lot slower.  I don't think this is due to ICS as the slowdown started a few weeks ago.

    Regards, kkc.

  • Hello Anna

    The PUSH functionality seems to be a lot faster now.  Not sure if anything changed at your end, but anyway, please ignore my earlier comments.  Rgds, kkc.

  • Hi KKC,

    Thanks for your reply. I am glad that the browser issue has been resolved.

    For the SMS issue, I have done some further research about it and found that for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, SMS sync is not supported. I would suggest you try to use Android Apps Touchdown and see if it helps.

    Anna Guo

  • Hello Anna

    OK; nothing works again....!!!!! The sync just seems to take forever and then stops. I noticed that the server name had changed on the mobile from to  I changed it back to but no joy...!!!

    I don't want to wipe my device and start all over ... each time going through this process it takes a few hours re-installing apps etc.  

    I restarted the mobile after changing the account server entry back to and then received a message - "sign in failed" on the exchange account.  When updating... nothing happens.  Re-entered the password in the account settings.... the password seems to be accepted but no e-mails...!!!

    Calendar sync works fine... so account login must be working.  

    Still waiting for a robust solution.....!!

    Thx, kkc.

  • Anna, Can you please what version of Exchange I am connecting to?  Thanks,  Kkc

  • Hello Anna


    I just connected an older phone to the exchange account.  It's the Palm Pre mobile with Palm OS running on it.  The sync works just fine. 


    I then logged in to exchange online and looked up the profiles of both phones and this is what I saw.


    View Cell Phone Details
    Status: OK
    First sync:           
    2012-03-29 09:19
    Last successful sync:       2012-03-29 09:23
    Folders synced:                5
    Device name:   
    Not Available
    Device model:   Palm
    Phone number:                Not Available
    Mobile network:              Not Available
    Device type:       Palm
    Device ID:                 PALMf942c1a67f89a3a19c0d440bd60d
    Device IMEI:       Not Available
    Device OS:         
    Not Available
    Device language:              Not Available
    User agent:        Palm/1.0.1
    Access state:     
    Access Granted
    Access set by:    Global Permissions
    Policy applied:\Default - Applied in full
    Policy updated:                 2012-03-29 09:20
    ActiveSync version:         12.1        
    View Cell Phone Details
    Status: OK
    First sync:           
    2012-03-26 18:23
    Last successful sync:       2012-03-29 09:17
    Folders synced:                7
    Device name:   
    Device model:   GT-I9100
    Phone number:               
    Mobile network:              orange CH
    Device type:       SAMSUNGGTI9100
    Device ID:            SAMSUNG1358150045984797
    Device IMEI:       358150045984797
    Device OS:         
    Device language:              English
    User agent:        Android/4.0.3-EAS-1.2
    Access state:     
    Access Granted
    Access set by:    Individual Assignment
    Policy applied:\Default - Applied in full
    Policy updated:                 2012-03-26 18:25
    ActiveSync version:         14.1

    Looking at the above (see red highlights), the Palm has Global permissions set whereas the Android not.  Could this be the source of the problem, bearing in mind that the Activesync versions are very different?


    Rgds, kkc.

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