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Share Calendar

  • Between Google Apps for Business and Office 365, things are a lot less intuitive in Office 365...  Now that I have that off my chest I need to know why if I log in to Office 365, go to Outlook, go to Calendar, click Share this Calendar and enter an email address (any email address, for example an external customer) that I get the following message:

    Calendar sharing is not available with the following contacts because of permission settings on your network.

    How do I fox this?  I though the point of Office 365 was suppose to be able to make it easier to manage this kind of stuff.

    Please help.

  • Hi Michael,

    That Share this Calendar link you're using will work to easily share your calendar with other users in your organization (users who share your domain or vanity domains associated with your Office 365 account).  Unfortunately, sharing to external recipients is a little more complicated.

    You calendar can be shared to other users on Office 365 in different organizations, as well as to other ogranizations who are federated with the Microsoft Federation Gateway (I believe this would include Live@edu and maybe Outlook Live, although I haven't had a chance to test this for myself).  This is a process known as Federated Delegation, and the steps to do this can be found here:

    As far as sharing to anybody goes, Calendars can be published in the iCal format.  This must first be enabled for users via an administrator through Remote PowerShell.  The steps for doing this can be found at  Note that Steps 1 and 2 (configuring the Web proxy URL for the Mailbox server, and running the cmdlet which enables calendar publishing and turns on the calendar virtual directory) have both been done in the datacenter already.  Once the administrator has enabled calendar publishing for a user, they will be able to publish their calender through OWA by right clicking on the calendar, choosing Share, and then Publish This Calendar to the Internet.

    David Wong

    Office 365 Beta Technical Support

  • Thanks David...

    This way too complicated.  I am a small business owner with no IT Support Staff.  I do not want to be a technical specialist in trying to share my calendar.  If I have to go to TechNet that means it is already too much work.  Sharing a calendar with anyone in Google Apps literally take 3 steps - literally 3 mouse clicks and I can share my calendar with anyone on the outside.  I also have control with Google Apps as to what I share and who can see what.  More importantly I was able to do this on my own without any technical knowledge.  I am noticing a disturbing trend when using Office 365 so far...  and that is that is is not as intuitive as Google Apps.  The user interface for the most part is very cluttered - I hope you can make some progress in making things more intuitive and easier to use.  

  • CM,

    I echo your opinion. A cloud based service that doesn't let you easily do something  as simple as publish a calendar isn't going to replace the need for on premise IT. Many simple tasks seem to be extraordinarily complicated to accomplish with O365.

  • If they are looking to sync up a Calendar List in SharePoint Online with a local copy of Outlook, here are the instructions for that.


    1.)Sign into your Team Site using a site collection administrator account.

    2.)Navigate to the location of your desired SharePoint Online calendar list.

    3.)You should see Calendar Tools up top now. Select the "Calendar" option from these tools.

    4.)In the Connect & Export section, select the "Connect to Outlook" option.

    5.)In the new window present, select the "Allow" option to allow the connection.

    6.)You will next be prompted to allow the calendar sync within Outlook. Select "Yes" to finalize this.

    7.)You will likely be prompted to login once more. This is normal.

    At this juncture, the calendar will now be present within the Calendar feature of Outlook. From here, you can combine this calendar with other calendars already present. While you can make edits to this calendar and effect changes to the SharePoint calendar, we recommend that you try to keep your editing to the SharePoint calendar list to ensure reliable, proper performance.

    If this is purely looking to share the calendar as described in the case notes, this is either a generalist or Exchange Online issue.

  • Eric,

    I think the question is about publishing a synched calendar to a public venue.

  • @mch, @Eric Nelson,

    Yes, specifically my question was directed at simply being able to share my calendar publicly.  For example, in Google Apps for Business, I just log in to my account, go to calendar, settings, share calendar in HTML format.  Then Google Apps generates a secure HTTPS link that I can share via email or embed into my website.  

    This is really a great feature for us because a lot of times our clients in Asia need to know where we are or what our flight details are.  Therefore while we are sleeping or flying they can simply look at our published calendar to get updated information.  This is helpful in many ways because I no longer have to send updated emails everytime something changes since my Google Apps calendar is always in sync with my iPhone and MacBook iCal.  It really is a thing of beauty amd simplicity.  And I must say there is value in simplicity.

    In addition, I do not mean to keep harping on Google Apps, but it would really be helpful if the designers looks at some of the routes they have taken when it comes to User Interface design and intuitiveness.  As I try to cut IT costs down at my company, I need this simplicity.  Please Microsoft step your game up - you need your engineers to have the business acumen required to understand what it is that use small business users are going through right now!

  • I have the same issue.  Moved from Google Apps where sharing calendars within our domain was automatic.  I'm simply looking for a way that outlook & the on-line outlook will show the calendars of all the members of our small company & that one can see their availability when scheduling meetings.

    I've tried in Outlook, go to Calendar, click Share this Calendar and enter an email address of someone in our domain.  I get the following message:

    Calendar sharing is not available with the following contacts because of permission settings on your network.

    Why?  Again - attempting sharing within our domain.

  • Wow no solution for a Company shared calendar, not good.  Our office users are going to freek if no 'good' solution!

    Someone help please.

  • I just signed up for this service, however for a shared calendar, I believe you have to implement this using SharePoint's team site.

  • I just switch from Google Apps to Office 365 and boy do I feel the pain.  Im back to administrating email accounts and doing a lot of training.  

  • Good luck if you've never used scripts before.  The idea of having to run scripts to perform a task like offering permissions to view calanders is ridiculous.  Miss a "space" or add a "space" in the wrong place and you get to start over . . . nice.  Kind of like DOS of hte 80's & 90's :-)
  • Click 'to:' and find your user in the GAL instead of typing in their email address. Sharing your calendar to the public isn't smart regardless if you use of SSL or not.

    Google apps works because your recipient has a gmail account.