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Sync Blackberry email with Office 365

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I called Microsoft a few days ago needing a simple solution, I want the ability to sync emails and contacts with my Blackberry Torch.  My business is an internet company so I do have a domain name, but do not own my own servers.  I do not use Outlook, but rather an email feature from my hosting company (Network Solutions).  A representative from Microsoft convinced me that Office 365 was exactly what I needed.


Since I joined the beta of the small business package, the first thing I did was added my domain.  I did add the CNAME record to verify I was the owner, but I did not change the DNS records to point to Office 365.  To be more specific, I did not change the A records because I did not want my domains going through Office 365.  I did change the MX records (listed under the DNS manager) to point to Office 365.  Next, I simply added a new user with my own email address domain and now I have Outlook collecting my emails.  Great so far.


Now comes my problems.  Before using Office 365, my Blackberry would connect to my email as POP.  Now with Office 365, it connects to it as OWA but it still does not sync.  It acts exactly like it did with POP.  Yesterday I went into AT&T and upraged from Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) to Blackberry Enterprise (BES).  When I try to connect it as an Enterprise Account using my own email domain and password (both used to log into Office 365/Microsoft Online Services) I get a message that it cannot connect to the server.


What do I need to do to get my Blackberry synced with Office 365?

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  • If you want to sync your BB with Office365, you must wait up to Q4. Microsoft will provide hosted BES by RIM and it will be without additional cost. Now you can ask MS support to enable IMAP for your O365 account to sync e-mails, but not callenadr or task and notes.

  • George, thank you for the response.  When I go to Outlook -> Options -> See all options -> Settings for POP, IMAP, and SMTP access..., I see the settings for each one of these.  The server for all of them is but they do all have different ports.  You said I need MS support to enable IMAP, but doesnt this mean I already have it available?  If I do, what server should I connect my email to?  And last questions, it sounds like I really didnt need to go into AT&T and upgrade to Blackberry Enterprise did I?

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    The hosted BES service is not available during the Beta. You may find more information here:

    Office 365 and BlackBerry


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