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Android Phones and Office 365

  • Are there any apps that can be used to take advantage of Office 365 on an Android based phone?




    Kris Turner


  • Kris,


     Right now Corporate Sync for email is the only app that works with Office365. Don't mark my words here but there seems to be an app for everything so who knows what might be available in the future.




  • Bearing in mind that the email on Office365 is Exchange have you looked at "Documents to Go" and "RoadSync", the following is a direct quote from their site in relation to RoadSync...


    Secure, Wireless and Direct Push Synchronization with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007 & 2010


    Based on Exchange ActiveSync technology licensed directly from Microsoft, RoadSync provides secure, wireless and direct push synchronization of corporate e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks and attachments - all in one affordable, scalable and easy to manage package.


    I am just waiting for my android upgrade, I tried WP7 but because of my need for MicroSD support sent it back to my telecoms company.

  • Exchange works flawlessly with Android.  I HIGHLY recommend Touchdown from Nitro for a superior Exchange experience on Android.  I can access multiple Exchange accounts, and I have full sync of notes, tasks and calendar.  I've even got the use of categories, meeting requests and more.

  • Most HTC Sense based phones have active sync support built in, althought its not as good as Touchdown

  • how about an app to sync docs and files. if ther is no app to sync document with android and office 365 then google is still beating microsoft on the mobile and cloud planet.