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Credential Prompt for

  • Hello, has anyone seen an issue where users whose mailboxes are located Exchange 2003, get prompted for credentials from when they try and view free/busy information for mailboxes on Office 365?  The strange thing is, if they don't enter anything, or just click cancel, the f/b information for the o365 mailbox appears.  You can see in the image below the f/b info for the cloud mailbox is populated and the credential prompt is still up. 




    The popup only happens for users on Exchange 2003.  Users whose mailboxes are located on the on premise Exchange 2010 servers don't get this prompt when they try and view f/b info for mailboxes located on o365.


    Thanks for any ideas you might have!




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  • Chad,

    Good question. My first thought is that Exchange 2010 acts as the CAS server when in Rich-Coexistance. So my thought is that outlook properly uses autodiscovery with the users in 2010 because of the CAS but has to authenticate with 2003. Just a thought.

    Thank You,

  • Try removing and re-adding the calendar - I had that issue for Exchange 2003 users who had references to calendars of migrated accounts.  Once they removed and re-added the calendar, the prompts went away.  
  • I have the same problem. Can someone else confirm if the last suggested solution of re-adding the moved users calender really works? Can you describe in more detail when you said re-adding the calender. Have done some test and also put a test user on the Hybride server. Se my results in the table below.


    //Thomas Spindler

    Solid Park



  • Got to know that this is a known issue and expected to be fixed by mid-november. Till then activating dirsync in MOP will take effect immedietly like in past, we would have to wait for 60-90 minutes to take effect. It could take little longer than that as per my own experience...

  • Sivaram,

    Don't think your reply applies to this topic.

    Anyone got the problem resolved with

    Please advise,



  • Wondering if anyone has found a solution for this yet?  We're putting our rollout on hold till we can find a fix for this.

  • I just started the migration and ran into one computer with this problem, and now I'm at a standstill untill I can figure out what's going with this account.  I install a new computer and recieved the same issue on that particular user.  So, it seem to be the account and not the Window 7 computer, with Outlook 2007 sp2.  I am doing a staged migration with a Exchange 2007 server on premise, and have changed registry entries and host file in order to get around the local autodiscover problems, I have migrated 14 computers, and one with the autodiscover problem, and have 80 to go...Hope someone can shed light on this problem, because support is no help...

  • I have the same issue. I have a staged migration with exchange 2003 on premise, and have migrated 20 users over to O365 - no issues.

    However yesterday I migrated another 6 people over, and found that none of the outlook 2007 clients would connect to the cloud. I have run through all the setup walk throughs, re run the desktop setup (from the online downloads section) and still nothing is able to connect. Users can connect via OWA - so not Critical, however im not going to migrate the remaining 90 users accross untill this is fixed.

    I keep getting the prompt which wont except my username - yes i am typing all the credentials in correctly....

    Windows 7 Pc, Outlook 2007 sp2

    nothing was changed onsite - nor on the O365 portal, i seems like this has just happened out of the blue.

    any ideas anyone?

  • Added to internal DNS servers - for the appropriate domain's may have fixed the problem.

    the following morning, things just started to work again ... Possile DNS issue with MS? who knows.. but its working.

  • Same problem with Exhcange 2003/ Outlook 2007 users?  Does anybody know what the fix is?

  • Hi Chad, did you get a soultion? I have the same issue

  • I have done several things, but finally got it work out with my staged migration, no thanks to MS Support.   First Made changes to the host fine, to put to the Office365 Autodiscover site, I also made the registry changes that you find I many of the blogs.. I made a batch file to take care of this, to speed up process.

    I later found that there were some issues when migrating users who had shared folders,  so I had to make sure to diable all the shares before migrated that user.. Believe it or not, it works....There were some users, who I couldn't get the share hand to go away, which caused problems, and microsoft couldn't explain it, so I ended up deleting that particular user from ADS and On Premisie Exchange and recreated him/her after exporting mailbox to pst, which really made me mad..  So far things are great... I ran into one user that was sharing his calendar with hotmail live, and that causes some problems also....

    HOpe this is clear, This is a rush message.. I am busy this morning, but wanted to try to respond... please feel free to send me your contact info and I will call you ASAP and help you walke through any of the above.....  

    William Miller

    Manager Of Information System

    Daniel Coker Horton & Bell P.A

    Jackson, MS

  • Chad,

        I'm currently supporting a client that is experiancing the exact same issue  (E2K3 to O365 hybrid migration with no ADFS).  Ultinately we found that we had to add a DNS record for AutoDiscover-s.Service.Domain.Com.  Because this client uses slipt DNS, this is what we found resolved the issue.

    --- INTERNAL DNS --- A Record pointing to Hybrid Server CNAME pointing to Hybrid Server CNAME pointing to AutoDiscover.Outlook.Com

    --- EXTERNAL DNS --- A Record Pointing to Hybrid Server CNAME Pointing to AutoDiscover.Outlook.Com CNAME Pointing to AutoDiscover.Outlook.Com

    Hope this helps others.

    Corey Markovits, Planet Technologies

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