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Issue with multiple Exchange Office 365 accounts in Outlook 2010

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I am running Office 2010 on Windows 7 and I am trying to connect to 2 Office 365 Exchange accounts within our Office 365 account (i.e. 2 different email addresses that fall under the same domain in our Office 365 account).

It seems that once Outlook connects to 1 of the accounts, the other is never able to connect.  It seems to connect to the default account first, and then the 2nd Exchange account never connects.  We previously used a different Hosted Exchange provider (before Office 365) and it worked fine, so it seems that something at Office 365 is blocking this somehow ?

This is driving me crazy, so please help if you can !

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  • I've tried removing and recreating our accounts, and that did not work.  Here are the settings we've get in both our email accounts in Windows Control Panel:

    Server -

    URL for Proxy Server -

    Principal certificate name -

    Proxy authentication - Basic

  • This issue is still happening.  My 1 mailbox is currently connected to Office 365 and is able to send/receive mail, the other exchange mailbox says 'disconnected' and has not been connected to the Office 365 system for over 90 minutes.  If 1 can connect, why does the other have to disconnect ?

    Anyone have any ideas ??

  • Roydon, I just reported this issue as well, then found your thread.  This is worrying me.


  • Hmmm,

    since several people have posted this I decided to re-address the issue (I posted a response to David's thread referenced just above).  My technical lead wants me to verify the behavior if the main account has Full Access to the other two accounts before we troubleshoot further.  This can be done with powershell.

    This thread has some instructions on how to setup Full Access rights using remote PowerShell if anyone wishes to try it and report back.  If not, I'll give it a try during my shift tomorrow...

    Thank you,

    Todd Douglass

    MSFT Support Engineer

  • I had a somewhat brief look at this today and it didn't reproduce for me.

    I'll have another look at this on Tuesday when I return from my well-deserved 4 day weekend.

    Thank you,

    Todd Douglass

    MSFT Support Engineer

  • Todd,

    This issue is not related to 1 Exchange user using permissions to access another exchange account.  It has to do with 2 different exchange accounts having access in the same profile in outlook (e.g. setting up outlook to access and within the same profile).  If Peter gave full access to John, then it allows view/edit/delete access, but you cannot send emails directly from the, plus you could not run mail rules on

    I am not sure if this description makes sense ?  You are talking about 'Full Access to the other two accounts' in your posting, but that is not the issue.  This issue is not when 1 account has access to another account, it relates to having 2 accounts open at the same time in the same profile in Outlook.  You also have the issue where Outlook only seems to be ale to connect to 1 of the accounts at a time, it cannot be connected to both at the same time.

  • Todd,


    I am experiencing similar issues, a lot of problems with sharepoint & outlook when connecting to multiple accounts in office365

    I have been experimenting with 2 scenarios:

    1. 2 accounts in the same "company",  and
    2. 2 accounts in different companies.  and  Note, 2 different companies, not just 2 domains in 1 company

    Both have problems. Unfortunately I have difficulties with consistently being able to reproduce and document what precisely goes wrong. In short: "it depends".

    Things I observed:

    • - login screen "" popping up at random, and no clue for which of both outlook / sharepoint accounts.
    • - scen 1: could not get this to work at all for mail.
    • - scen 2:  mails for account 2 being delivered in both accounts 1 and 2!!
    • - the sharepoint popup box  " no access for this account, use another account"


    My hunch is that the outlook / sharepoint workspaces are not able to distinguish properly between the accounts, because the basic authentication refers to the same hosts and domains.  

    I will try to find out more.

  • Hello Roydon_M,

    I understand that the issue is 2 accounts open at the same time in the same profile in Outlook.  None the less, the response from my technical lead was to verify if adding full access for the primary account to the other added accounts in Outlook would make the issue go away.  I tested with two accounts from the same company and domain added to my Outlook 2010 client, which is also used for two other non-BPOS accounts, but couldn't get the issue to repro.

    A quick thought, do you have the O365 connector installed?  This is the “Set up and configure your Office desktop apps" download from the O365 download page at  Also, do you have the latest versions of the clients with appropriate service packs per the SW Requirements doc at ?


    as far as SharePoint, this is by design.  Unfortunately you can only login to one O365 account at a time when using IE, so you wouldn't be able to access multiple SPO accounts from the same computer.  All my tests and experience using O365 for close to 6 months shows this to be true.  In fact, we had a FAQ on how to work around not being able to cleanly log out of one account before logging into another.  This was a problem for a while but seems to be working OK now.  I am not sure how you would even be able to log into more than one account at a time in IE, so I am not surprised to hear that you are having problems and random behavior.

    As far as Outlook, I was able to have multiple accounts from the same company and domain without issues, so I am thinking that perhaps this is some kind of a configuration issue.  I will perform some additional tests and see if I can find anything.  

    It might be worth getting MOSDAL logs for, especially if we could get these while Outlook was having connectivity issues.  Are you using Outlook 2010 or something else?

    Thank you,

    Todd Douglass

    MSFT Support Engineer

  • Using 1 account with full access to the 2nd account did not result in connection issues, but as mentioned above, this is not really a suitable solution as it limits what functions can be performed in the 2nd account (rules cannot be run and emails cannot be sent directly from the account).

    I am using Outlook 2010 on Windows 7, and all windows updates have been processed through Windows Updates (which I run regularly).  I will look at the link you sent and run that app as well, but if Windows Update is working as it should be, then there are no updates to install.

  • We've hit this issue too. I've opened an O365 ticket on this. They told me they don't think this works.  I've asked them to provide me with document stating that this is not supported.

    In the meantime they suggested the work around of using one credential to access both accounts. I've tested and confirmed that that works.

    To do that:


    # Run in remote powershell on the cloud to give full access and send-as

    $target_giving = ''

    $user_getting = ''

    Add-MailboxPermission –Identity $target_giving -User $user_getting -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType All
    Add-RecipientPermission $target_giving -Trustee $user_getting -AccessRights SendAs


    NOTE: send-as is granted differently in the cloud than it is onprem


  • UPDATE: we're seeing some inconsistent behavior.

    1) Sending-as another mailbox gets saved in their personal Sent Items folder for some people, however for other people it’s getting saved in the Sent Items of the person they are sending-as. How do we set which behavior we’d like?

    2) Some people are experiencing Outlook connectivity issues while connected to multiple mailboxes in one profile while other people are not. All the people involved are Windows 7, Outlook 2010, fully patched and have recently run the Desktop Connector. How can we troubleshoot this?

  • I don't personally have time to troubleshoot this so I just ended up giving up until I read that this issue is resolved.  I removed my extra accounts and put them on a second computer.  The moment I removed them the issue disappeared.

  • Hello Roydon,

    We are still missing one test here.  That would be to have one account with full access to the other but still have both accounts open in Outlook under the same profile at the same time and see if this clears up the connection issue.

    As a test I have created multiple users and have 5 accounts attached to my Outlook 2010 from the same O365 company from 4 different servers in addition to my 2 corporate accounts and I can't get this to reproduce.  It appears to be rock-solid for me.

    I'll have some steps on how to troubleshoot this later today.


    Regarding Send-as having items saved in either their own or the Send-as Sent Items folder, I should have some results for this later today or tomorrow.

    All for now,

    Todd Douglass

    MSFT Support Engineer

  • Todd,

    Any further information since last week on this issue?  It is a deal-breaker for one of our prospects.  Bottom line is that we need to be able to have 2 accounts from the same company open and be able to send from either with the sent email going into the corresponding Sent Items folder.  I played "whack-a-mole" with this for hours on Saturday and get inconsistemt results on the Sent Items (when SendAs is given), loss of connection to one account with no permissions but separate credentials, and apparently inability to send from the account with only FullAccess.