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Images in Outlook signatures

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I've read a few posts regarding including images in Outlook signatures and I've concluded that this isn't possible as I am using the O365 for small business so therefore can't create any of the transport rules mentioned in other options.  I just wondered if someone could confirm that this is the case? 

I presume that I could do this is I were to buy Outlook for my desktop and then create a rule?

It seems very disappointing, it almost seems to say that for Microsoft a small business isn't going to be that bothered by it's external appearance!  And seems particularly strange given that even Windows Live can do it! 

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  • Unfortunately, this feature is not possible for Small Business. My only suggestion is to sign up for an Enterprise Subscription allowing you take advantage of that ask. You can open a Service Request and put this in as a "Feature Request Ask".


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  • Unfortunately, this feature is not possible for Small Business. My only suggestion is to sign up for an Enterprise Subscription allowing you take advantage of that ask. You can open a Service Request and put this in as a "Feature Request Ask".


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  • Aren't signatures in email just a feature of Outlook?  You certainly could add an image to your signature in Outlook, no matter which Office 365 plan you have.

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  • I've just migrated from Gmail to O365 for small business.  Gave up with Gmail corporate migration, mostly due to confusion.

    Got everything working with O365 (after DNS change hunting in admin, propagation delays, etc).  Migrated inbox ok.

    Just seen that there is no image URL link in the sig creator for company logo, QRBarcode, etc, and am amazed.

    Whiilst it has been no picnic, I was expecting great things.  Not having the ability to have a decent sig is a bit of a show-stopper for me.

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  • Hi Matthew

    Sounds like we've had a very similar journey!!  Both Gmail and O365 are complicated to setup!  I'm no software expert but I do think of myself as capable and getting my head around all (actually just a few) of the elements of setting up O365 has been a significant challenge.  But I do run a small business so expected O365 to fit with my needs but I can say that it's been much more demanding than I anticipated but utlimately I willing to live with it because:

    i) I feel the stability is going to be much greater than my exisitng shakey solutions.

    ii) The familiarity of the systems (not the set-up) means that I don't have hassles using the software.

    iii) The email signature element was a blip that I got over.

    iv) I decided to go with Outlook anyway to give me the options to add a signature (not that I've managed to configure Outlook (!) - plenty of other posts on here for that one).

    If O365 is truely going to be successful for small business then MS need to appreciate that small businesses are savvy enough to want top end solutions, that are quick and easy to set-up at the right price.  If I had been paying during this set-up phase I'm pretty certain I wouldn't have given it the time I have.



  • Ian I agree 100%...this set up is keeping me up at night.

    What did you decide to do about your email signatures?

    I have several email accounts for each of my business' and to speed up my work I use the "signatures" as email templates ie: reservation confirmation, party itinerary, quotes...

    now it works great in Outlook on my computer but i cannot seem to figure out how to re create this experience on the Web Apps version of O365.

    any suggestions?

    thank you


  • Hello Frank,

    Did you connect Outlook on your computer to your Office 365 account?  Once you do that you will have all the functionality that you are looking for, with the mail hosted on the cloud.

    Thank you, Jeff McDonald, O365 Forum Moderator

  • Hi Jeff,

    i think i seems to be working but they are not completely connecting for some reason. should i call support?

  • Hello Frank,

    If you have a Small Business license, support options are limited to the forums.  Please create a new thread regarding this issue, and I will pick it up there.  Some of the information that I will need is the domain, and the user that is having issues, and a screenshot,or a copy/paste quote uploaded to the thread that gives the error that is happening.

    Thank you, Jeff McDonald, O365 Forum Moderator

  • Hi Frank

    I'm sure that Jeff will pick this up in your new post but for convenience I thought I would post my comments here.  As I said in my earlier post, I'm not an IT expert so this is just my story and I wouldn't rely on this as support!!

    After realising that I couldn't include pictures in my signature I purchased Outlook 2010.  This SHOULD be an easy set-up but it's complicated by a number of things:

    i) For Outlook 2010 to set-up easily it uses an autodiscover tool.  For this to work your nameservers (on your web hosting site) must be pointing to Microsoft.  This is an easy change and only takes a few seconds but ..... doing this will remove your website if it's hosted by the company where your nameservers were previosuly pointing.

    ii) To correct this problem you need to amend the DNS settings within O365 to point back to your website (I was initially told that my webhosting company wouldn't support this.  They then changed their mind but provided the wrong IP address to set-up).  As a result this took me some time to figure out and my website was down for about four days whilst I learnt what I was doing!  The solution for me was to create an A name record called "@" and an A name record called "www" pointing at the IP address where the website is hosted.  I was provided the good idea to google "change host record" which enables you to amend the host record on your computer and quickly check if you are using the right IP address.

    I am now running Outlook 2010 and am very happy with this.  Unfortunately my experience is that the support in the forum is very poor though - sorry Jeff.  It's not that individuals don't help but they provide you the one piece of information to move you forward but don't provide the full solution.  As a result you can take one step forward and then have to wait 24-72 hours to get help with the next bit.  If this weren't a free Beta trial I would definitely have walked away!

    If you need any more specifics then you'll have to post back here as I don't search the forums regularly.


  • YES U CAN ;) Although MS dont want you to.