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can i use hotmail instead of outlook?

  • I cant stand there a way to keep using hotmail like i had before?
  • Hi shaunf123,

    I would like to confirm if you would like to add Hotmail account as a Connected Account and use it to send emails from Outlook Web App (OWA)? If so, please take the following steps to connect your Hotmail account to Office 365.

    1. Log into Office 365, click Outlook.
    2. Click Options>See All Options-> Account->Connected Accounts. Please click New to create a new account connection. Please type the Hotmail email address and password. After finishing, it will take a few minutes to forward your Hotmail emails to Office 365.

    Thus, when you use OWA to delete the emails or store the emails in a folder on a computer, you will be able to see the changes on another computers by using OWA.

    For more information about how to send emails by using the Connected Account, please refer to the following article:

    Josephine Meng



  • no im trying to use for my address...not use outlook whatsoever...any takes?

    I tried to tie the account together but my address is the same at hotmail ( and password. very bummed...any takes?

    wondering if it will make a difference if i change the password at hotmail?

  • Hi shaunf123,

    I have checked your vanity domain which Name Server has been pointed to Office 365. I would like to confirm if you are trying to use the address at If so, please refer to the following steps.
    1. Click this, use as your email address to complete the information. I recommend you use the same password here. If you would like to change the password, I recommend you change it after everything works fine.
    2. After that, it will ask you to verify the account. You will receive an email in account. Please open your email account and click the link to verify it.
    3. After the verification successfully, click here to sign in with the address.

    Josephine Meng

  • Heres the message i got when trying to that. "This email address is part of a reserved domain such as,, or Please enter a different email address."

    im sure the reason this happened is because i was using already with hotmail. now it switched to owa. and forced me to use the same address with outlook owa.

    i guess i need to point my email info back to hotmail somehow?

  • shaunf123,

    I think you need to use a new Windows Live ID to sign up. If this email address has been reserved, you may need to contact Windows Live Support directly:

  • Hi shaunf123,

    How are the things going? Have you tried to contact Windows Live Support as Kevin suggested?

    Josephine Meng

  • hi im having the same problem here! i do not want to use outlook and would like to keep using hotmail! i can access my hotmail account to see my old emails but when i get an email sent to me it goes to outlook! is there any way not having outlook and using hotmail instead?

  • Not sure why the answers are so labored and evasive above - Outlook Web App is 365's web based interface. I can't imagine why you'd prefer hotmail which is extremely slow and cluttered with ads, but I suppose you could try to add your 365 account to hotmail by clicking options>>more options. I think it has to be a POP enabled account though?
  • Hi cbtraining,

    Thanks for mch2’s information.

    Was your mailbox transferred from Office Live Small Business to Office 365? If so, since the MX record has been redirected to Office 365, the emails cannot be received in Hotmail. I suggest you use Outlook Web App instead. You can access Outlook Web App at

    Mindy Pan