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New User Welcome Email Unreadable

  • Hello fellow brave explorers of O365! I have found what appears to be my first glitch, but am not sure how to report it aside from bringing it up in the forums.

     The glitch is this: When I create a new user in the administration portal, it emails a 'welcome' email including the username and password to the address of my choice. Unfortauntely, when the email arrives and is openned the text is black on a black background, making it unreadable. (See below).



    Barely legible at the top of the email, written in blue, is a link to open this email in your browser. When I click this it opens it in a new browser window, and it displays perfectly:



    I am using the Outlook webapp from O365 to view the email in IE9.  I have tested in FireFox 4 and had the same issue.


    As you can see it displays fine in IE9 when in a window by itself, but when rendered withing the Outlook WebApp it is unreadable.  I have looked in the forums to see if anyone else was experiencing this but didn't come across anything.


    Anyone have any thoughts?

  • Hello Peter,

    When accessing an email which has active content in OWA, all data may be blacked or x'd out. I would suggest adding this given email address as a safe sender and see if the issue persists.



  • Hi Peter,


    This is unfortunately a normal security precaution that OWA takes against active content as David said and not specific to Office 365. The most simple way around this is actually to doubleclick on the message. You should find that when the message is opened in a new window and you have clicked on Yes when you are prompted to display the nonsecure items on the page that you will be able to read it.


    Thank you,


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  • I just tried adding both the sending address and the sending domain to the safe senders list, however the message remained blacked out. Once I double clicked on it to open in a new window it displayed fine.

    That seem a very odd 'security feature', if it can be bypassed just by opening the message. Hopefully there will be a proper option in the future to enable active content from safe senders.

    Seems odd as O365 sends emails with active content by default for new users, but one display them properly. I can see that being very confusing for newusers.