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Outlook Multiple Reminders

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I recently switched from gmail to outlook and one feature I find myself missing is the multiple reminders for an event. In gmail I was able to schedule a meeting for 3 weeks out and then set multiple reminders as a pop up or email for different time periods, such as 2 weeks before, 1 week before, 1 day before and also 1 hour before. This was very helpful as the event got closer. I would simply delete the email and would not have to open the event to reset the reminder for the next time period. This is especially helpful when I am out of the office and having to make all new reminders from my phone.


Does anyone have a work around or is Microsoft planning to add this feature?

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  • Hi STW,

    We were unable to set multiple reminders for one event. But there is a workaround. You may set the reminder time to 2 weeks and if the reminder pop up then you may reset its time with "Snooze" button. Thanks.

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    Alex Du

  • Hello STW,

    Did the Alex's reply answer your questions? If the information is helpful, please show this thread as answered so others may benefit from the information. Thank you.

    Jack Sun

  • Thank you. I am familiar with the snooze and that works ok. However, it still requires me to open the event to change the time to the next reminder(snooze), on a mobile phone it is even less easy. I understand if this is not available my only hope is that you all can look into adding this feature. I have spoken with a number of people and they have all agreed this would be useful.

  • Hello STW,

    Thank you for your reply and the detailed additional feedback.

    From your comments, I understand that you are one of the true Microsoft Users who would like to share the experience and feedback on improving Microsoft products and services. Indeed, with all the Microsoft fans’ feedback and the efforts of Microsoft related teams, many great features come out in each new product. We sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm and efforts.

    As to the feature you discussed here, to make it better meet your requirements, I sincerely invite you to submit your feedback for the further improving of our products. To make the suggestions better understood, please provide your detailed description on what you’d like to improve and detailed suggestions about what you have tested. This will make the feedback more useful for the relevant teams. You can submit your feedback at If the service is requested frequently, the product team may include it in future product releases.

    In addition, we welcome you to keep your eye on the forum for any updates on the features that concern you.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Jack Sun

  • I agree with STW on the use for multiple reminders. We are in the process of switching to Office365 starting with Outlook and Lync. I too use the multiple reminder feature (which allows you to use sms natively) in Google Calendar about 50% of the time. It is very helpful as I am typically not at a desk with Outlook open, but in the field.

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