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DNS Email only

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I allready have a online website hosting where my site is hosted, so I don`t want to give Microsoft full DNS acces, but I only want 360 to manage my email and documents.

Is this also possible? Do I only have to set the MX records and nothing else?

greetz Rob Reijm

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  • Hello

    on the administration portal, go to Management\Domains

    add you internet domain to Office 365 and follow the wizard; you will have to add a CNAME record for domain ownership check

    once the domain has been validated, continue the wizard

    at the end you will have DNS record details to use for your domain

    On your Internet doman management tool change ONLY the MX record to use Office 365

    I recommend to change the existing MX record with a higher weight, then create a new MX record to point to Office 365 with a lower height

    After few hours, you should be able to receive email on Office 365

    BE CAREFULL, you have to create and configure users and email addresses before doiing any MX modification or you will loose emails sent to you

  • Hello Rob,

    The instructions that Mr. Hamet provided above are for Office365 Enterprise licensees. Enterprise Office365 allows for "partial domain redelegation"; i.e. mail handled by O365, but not redirection to another web page for your domain name.

    Small Business does not provide partial domain redelegation.  The vanity domain that you associate with Office365 will be used for O365 mail and the O365 website.  If you do not want to redirect users away from your currently existing website, it is recommended that you do not associate that site's domain name with Office365 Beta.



  • Chase - is this going to always be that way?  It almost flies in the face of SMB - I don't want to administer umpteen domains for different things and I already have a community of users that go to and are using for email support.

    If just having the MX records is never going to happen can I register another domain for email but retain my email address?  Is there a FAQ for that usage model?



  • I have the same issue as Jack -- I would love to migrate some SMB clients away from Google Apps Premier (since they love Outlook), but an NS change is a dealbreaker. I imagine it is for many others as well. Many websites are hosted elsewhere, run on WordPress, etc...

  • Hello Semenko,

    Then as Chase stated, it may be best to run with an Enterprise Solution.



  • Is it possible to convert the Small Business beta to enterprise?

    Honestly, all I want is to point to your infrastructure ...

  • I would suggest signing up for an Enterprise Subscription:



  • Hi,

    Hopefully MS will add partial domain redelegation to small business package. Otherwise I and probably many other will skip this. Of course I have enterprise option available, but cost is almost double.


  • Oh, wow: This is a really surprising let-down for such a fantastic service.  I had expected much more.

    I agree with the previous posters:  The inability for SMB customers to have a website hosted outside of O365 is a deal-breaker, especially since the O365 website tools practically force you to design something sub-par and ugly - you can't even modify the root.master page.

    Well, it is in Beta and that's what this period is for:  To gather feedback and improve the product for launch. So, listen up, O365:  ALLOW PARTIAL DOMAIN RE-DELEGATION AND LET ME MODIFY THE ROOT.MASTER FILE!!!  :-D

  • I'm going to have to agree with you there.  I've waited for 2 years for Exchange 2010 to come to BPOS and instead I get Office365 which so far has been completely horrible.  I am now in a state of limbo with no e-mails being delivered and nobody responding to my support requests.  This is shaping up to be a complete disaster and I feel like I need to pull the chute soon.

  • You have the option in the SB P1 plan of adding an A record in the domain manager. Wouldn't that solve the web site being hosted elsewhere problem?



  • There are a bunch of problems with that though.

    1. You can't use wildcards.

    2. There is no transparency about their DNS architecture so we don't know the quality of their system.

    3. You will have microsoftonline on your WHOIS which looks pretty amateur hour.

  • Upvote for this thread. Partial redelegation is a must-have.

  • As Mike has stated on this;


    1. You can't use wildcards.

    2. There is no transparency about their DNS architecture so we don't know the quality of their system.

    3. You will have microsoftonline on your WHOIS which looks pretty amateur hour.


    Don't want WHOIS showing Microsoft, specially if you already have your own name servers, the client pays you for your services and it looks very professional if you have your own Name Servers.

    Wildcards are important, this system is simply not flexible enough.

    I did find somewhere hidden the other day part delegation for the domain, but I think that option is now missing, as I cannot find it in the domain section.



  • I AGREE; Upvote for this thread. Partial redelegation is a must-have!!!!