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Outlook 2013 crashes when opening calendar

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We have just implemented Office365.  Office is "locally installed" on non-persistent XenDesktop virtual machines.  User profiles are saved to a network share.

When users are in Outlook email things work ok.  When they try and open the calendar, CPU spikes to up near 100% and Outlook hangs until you end task.

This is a widespread issue, not just a couple users.  Outlook is running in Cached Mode.

Really need an answer to this issue.

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  • Hi Paul, we have been experiencing the same issue with about 25% of the employees in our company the past week or so. I'm going to troubleshoot a few of our users today and will post back with an update. Please let me know if you figure anything out in the meantime.


  • Hi Paul,

    First, please try the methods below to see if the issue could be resolved:

    1. Update Outlook 2013 with all the latest service packs;
    2. Disable all third party AddIns of Outlook 2013;
    3. Launch Outlook 2013 in safe mode (start->run->type outlook /safe);

    Then, if the issue still exists, could you help collect information below:

    1. When you mentioned “opening calendar”, could you let me know did you mean “opening the primary calendar” or “opening a shared calendar?”
    2. When you mentioned “user profiles”, could you let me know did you mean “user profiles for outlook” or “user profile to login to the computer”?
    3. Could you let me know the way you installed Outlook 2013? Did you follow the steps in Run Office 365 desktop setup part in
    4. Does this issue also occur on Outlook 2013 on physical machines (not virtual machines)?
    5. Does this issue also occur in OWA and Outlook 2010?


    Venus Mi

  • Hi Paul,

    We haven’t heard from you for a while. If the issue still exists, could you get back to us with the information I requested at your convenience?


    Venus Mi

  • Hi,

    I'm a new member in the Club :-)

    I migrated last week from Notes to Outlook and I have the same Problem.

    Almost eacxh time I Switch to the Calendar view, Outlook crashes.

    We use Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus rolled out via SCCM.

    Right after the installation I experienced the problem mentioned above (Details see below).

    As my PC was used for several tests before I whiped it and reinstalled the OS (Win 7 64bit Enterprise).

    After that the Office 365 was installed.

    Our Standard OS has Office 2010 pre installed. I uninstalled it then, but the Problem was still there. Our Support told me to uninstall all Office components (including Office 365) and reinstall Off 365 --> Problem still there.

    Next attempts:

    Repairing pst with scanpst

    Deleting mail profile and readd it

    Using cached and not cached mode

    Trying start in safe mode

    Nothing helped

    The Problem in Detail:

    Almost every time I switch from any view to calendar, Outlook crashes. Sometimes OL switches to a white page, sometimes I see the empty calendar page, sometimes I see the calendar with entries and in rare moments I can even use it.

    When I hover over the area to switch to another view (e. g. CALENDAR) a balloon pops up showing a calendar sheet with the “windows busy wheel” turning. After a few seconds Outlook freezes and needs a restart. If I hover over “CALENDAR” and hover away right after the balloon appears, before OL crashes, the balloon disappears and outlook is still running.

    Feels like Outlook tries to get some information and crashes after running into a timeout.

    This balloon behaviour occurs with all views.

    Here is the Crash Information sent to MS:

    Here is the Crash information:

    Problem signature:

     Problem Event Name:                        APPCRASH

     Application Name:                             OUTLOOK.EXE

     Application Version:                           15.0.4535.1004

     Application Timestamp:                     5212ff76

     Fault Module Name:                          KERNELBASE.dll

     Fault Module Version:                        6.1.7601.18229

     Fault Module Timestamp:                  51fb1116

     Exception Code:                                  e06d7363

     Exception Offset:                                0000c41f

     OS Version:                                          6.1.7601.

     Locale ID:                                             1031

    Additional information about the problem:

     LCID:                                                     1033

     skulcid:                                                 1033

  • HI,

    one more Addition: OWA works fine, without any Problems.

  • I tried a new profile without success.

    Removed surrogate who had access to calendar - no change.

    Then I went on with command-line switches

    /safe, still crashing

    /cleanweather, still crashing

    /cleanviews, success, no more crashes!

    Funny this switch made the change. I remember the calendar crashed for the first time when I attempted to change to list view.

    So I hope this helps some reader.


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  • Finally my calendar works fine, too.

    It seems that repeating entries nwere the cause of my calendar problem.

    So I deleted all repeating entries in my calendar. After that the calendar view worked fine.

    Fortunatelly our Support hat created a tool that was able to remigrate the clalendar from Notes to Outlook that was able to avoid duplicate entries. So after running this tool, my events were there and the calendar view was working.

    So my Suggestion is to remove repeating entries to check wether they caused the Problem.

    Maybe it is a Special Notes to Outlook Problem, as it is known that Notes has another System for treatinbg repeating entries than Outlook.

    Don't Forget to backup your calendar before!!!!

    Good Luck

  • You deserve a medal. I had tried everything. My Outlook 2013 Pro (standalone) on Windows 8.1 had the same problem. I clicked on the Calendar Icon and Outlook stopped working, restarted. Scanpst.exe found errors (as always) but did not fix the problem However your switch /cleanviews - wow, totally unexpected: It's working again! Thank you!

  • outlook/cleanviews, success, no more crashes worked for me and on more crashes!! Not sure which custom view was causing the problem, but back to the defaults and working fine so far. Thanks for the tip on command line switches, I now have a complete list of then close.

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  • Thank you so much jweke, you solved my problem.  I have been having this issue off and on throughout this year and have tried the quick repair, the online repair, disabling all plugins, my software was already updated, and running in safe mode (all the normal things, with exception of uninstalling and reinstalling).

    Then I did the two switches you suggestion /cleanweather (didn't fix the problem) and /cleanviews and you solved it!  Thank you so VERY much.  Going to write a blog post about this so I don't forget it again, lol.

  • I had changed the Calendar view to List and this caused repeated crashing including with /safe startup.  

    /cleanviews fixed the problem.  

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  • Same problem here - every time I opened my Calendar, Outlook crashed. After reading the Google results on similar problems, I pretty much got the idea that the view might be the issue. If so, why not try copying views? I created a new folder containing Calendar items, set it to the Week view and in Outlook 2013 under Change View, I went for the option "Apply Current View To Other Calendar Folders".  Select the Calndar folder, click OK... all done while preserving the views on all other folders.

  • Excelent,

    problém was view calendar as list.


  • We need a fix for this issue... what if a user needs or wants to use different views in calendar??

  • Similar to Mithrandir, I had my mail box migrated from notes to Outlook. However, my migration occurred about three years ago to Outlook 2010. When I had an upgrade to 2013, I started having the same problems with Outlook crashing when using many different calendar functions. Today, I was able to get into my calendar and open the list view. I noticed I had entries in my calendar that dated back many years (obviously migrated from Notes). I deleted most of the old entries and this resolved the issue for me. I appear to be able to use all calendar functions now. I have no idea why this works but can only guess it could be related to a payload, capacity or corrupted file issues with calendar functions throughout Outlook 2013.