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E-mail forwarding

  • Does Office 365 support the ability to forward e-mail? For example, I want to create a public accessible that will forward mail to one or more e-mail accounts.
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    Yes it does. You should be able to go to OWA and click on the Options drop down followed by See All Options... Once you are there on the Right hand side you will see a shortcut of other things you can do, click on the link Forward your e-mail. in the Forwarding section you can choose if you want to keep a copy of the forwarded messages in OWA. You can also enable forwarding to a Organizational Contact by using Remote Powershell, which is a bit more complicated to enable/disable sometimes it is also difficult to keep track of. A DL is usually used to forward to more than one account.


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  • 1- Log into your Microsoft Office 365 account and under Outlook click on Option.


    If you don’t see options beside below Outlook
    Go to Admin | Manager | Users | Licenses | Make sure you have Exchange Online selected


    2. In Outlook Options, Click on Forward your Email


    This will open Connected Accounts.  If you scroll down, you will see Forwarding : Forward my e-mail to:  This is where you need to put your email address which you want to
    forward all the emails from Office 365 accounts and click save.



    To test your forwarding works for not from Office 365 accounts, just click on your Email and send a test mail to you.  This will forward  your office 365 emails to your business accounts.



    I send a test email to my Office 365 accounts and it left a copy in Office 365 inbox and the other copy came to my business account.

    This is how you can forward your office 365 emails to your business email address

  • I just want to forward mail from a 'transfer' address to another webmail. I don't need and want any office 365 functionality. I have my own domain with several email addresses, but since I've forwarded rights to Microsoft to set up the 365 account with my own and original email address, I've lost control of my other email addresses. It's fine for some aliasses, but there is one address (my 'wife' 's address), which I only want to forward to her webmail, without seeing or controlling that email. I could do that without problem in my own domain, but that doesn't work anymore.

    Do you have a solution for this?

  • Does this forwardig address need to be 'internal' to the company - or can it be external to another company/another domain (not hosted by Office 365)? I used forwarding to an external email address, and seem to be having problems

  • For future reference, see this comprehensive guide: