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Setup for online archive only

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It seems like this is not a common setup since I cannot find any documentation on how to set up online archiving with on-premises exchange 2010.

I have an Exchange 2010 SP1 environment and have no future plans to move mailboxes to the cloud. I do however like the idea of having the archives ion the cloud.

I have purchased licensing for this solution and have yet to find any documentation on how to set this up without setting up all the other items that I do not need.

Please, any help would be appreciated.


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  • Hi Debi,

    I have done this for quite a few clients and it is essentially the same as configuring hybrid coexistence because you need Exchange federation to have the ability to see the online and internal mailboxes. I don't think there is any specific documentation for doing 'archiving only' but I would recommend installing SP2 and running the hybrid configuration wizard with your O365 tenant. SSO and DirSync are also going to be key so your users aren't prompted for credentials.

    From that point you can enable remote archives through your local EMC and the users will see their archive mailboxes in OWA and in Outlook 2010.


  • I have already setup SSO and DirSync and have configured the on-site EMC. I am able to setup archiving for the users and they say that they are set up but I am unable to open any of the archives.

  • Hello Debi,

    The information in Jorge's post is spot on. The configuration for Online Archiving only hybrid deployment is not much different from the whole hybrid deployment. You may check the Configure Exchange Online Archiving to have a clear picture of how to setup Exchange Online Archiving in both Exchange 2010 sp1 and sp2.

    For the access issue, you may check the following fields,
    1), make sure archive access is enabled for both organization relationships, you may enable it by running Set-OrganizationRelationship -Identity "<organization relationship to Office 365/on-premise>" -ArchiveAccessEnabled $True,
    2), make sure the Exchange Online Archiving license is assigned to the user account in Office 365,
    3), manually perform the active directory synchronization,
    4), Outlook and desktop configuration must compliant with Office 365, you need to manually update and configure desktop for Office 365.

    Lester Zhang

  • I have looked at that document and have it all set up as far as I can see for what I need - the documentation from MS says -

    "A hybrid deployment used only to support Exchange Online Archiving in an Exchange Server 2010 SP1 organization requires only a subset of the features typically used in a hybrid deployment - A limited hybrid deployment doesn’t configure hybrid features such as free/busy, MailTips, secure transport, and so on. These features aren't required for Exchange Online Archiving"

    1. I cannot do this until I get the domains into the Microsoft Federation Gateway - when I try to I get an error - An error occurred while attempting to provision Exchange to the Partner STS.  Detailed Information "An unexpected result was received from Windows Live.  Detailed information: "InvalidUri InvalidUri: Passed URI is not valid.".". - this happens for the exchangedelegation as well as mt primary SMTP - I have verified the proofs are in the TXT in external DNS.

    2. This has been verified

    3. Completed

    4. Verified

    No access still

  • One thing I would recommend is upgrading to SP2 on your internal Exchange servers. The hybrid configuration wizard is much easier to walk through than the lengthy SP1 process. You won't need the and namespaces for hybrid mode in SP2. That will probably get you past your issue.

    The issue BTW is most likely a DNS issue with your autodiscover or an invalid/incorrect Virtual Directory on your Exchange 2010 system. Go to the URL below and run the O365 autodiscover checks:


  • Hi Debi,

    Appreciate your feedback and response.

    I found in other threads, you have reported the failure that unable to create federation trust.

    Exchange federation trust and organization relationship are required for all hybrid features, including Exchange Online Archiving.

    I would suggest focus on the federation trust creation issue and then check the Exchange Online Archiving.

    Just as Jorge said, autodiscover is another critical component for archive mailbox access. You may use the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer for test.

    Lester Zhang

  • Upgraded to SP2 this morning - trying to move forward with that set of instructions

  • New error when trying to configure Hybrid in SP2 - 'Subtask ValidateConfiguration execution failed: Configure Legacy Exchange Support' - ideas?

  • When I get to the domain proof of ownership page in the wizard the provisioning status for my domain is "Pending" - wonder if that is the issue. I have confirmed that the Record Value is the same as the TXT record in external DNS

  • Debi, did you find out what this was? I'm seeing the same error.

  • No- the support for this products setup has been horrendeous.

  • I have the same problem, if this is the example of support Office 365 is providing I guess my company should reconsider Office 365.

  • I'm running into a brick wall as well and have discover the support for this product to be a total effing joke. What an embarrassment....

    I basically have an entire hybrid configuration under SP2 running, but when I create an online archive for a user, after it is created in the cloud the experience a number of OWA errors. I have another thread running that describes my issues, Microsoft support (outsourced or otherwise) has been TOTALLY USELESS.

  • Hello Debi,

    Did you get my private Message?

    James Perkins
    O365 Community Support

  • I agree with all of you this has been terrible. For those already half set up or running SP1 you can install sp2 but don't run the hybrid wizard. It really makes a mess of things.