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Accessing Office 365 via IMAP

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Further to my previous question regarding MAPI, does Office 365 support IMAP?  If so, would it support

the AUTHENTICATE PLAIN protocol?   What would the server name be?

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  • Hello Jkrefetz,

    To find this information, you will need to access OWA, select Options, choose all Options. Within the Account information, you can choose which IMAP, POP, SMTP settings needed to run. Within the information as well is the Server Name you need to access, which by the way is different to each user.

    Let me know if this works.



  • This works for an individual user account, thanks.  However the larger problem I'm trying to solve is how to do a batch migration, where I do not know user passwords but have access to the administrator password.  With BPOS IMAP, I was able to use the following login syntax successfully:

    LOGIN administrator_email/enduser_email administrator_password

    This does not seem to work with Office 365 IMAP.

    I also tried the industry standard AUTHENTICATE PLAIN protocol.  The IMAP server does accept the command and provide the prompt,

    but the supplied user/administrator data block is rejected.  I am using the exact same software that I use with other IMAP servers, and I have

    no problem with AUTHENTICATE PLAIN.

    Can you provide some clarification on whether there is a way to access user accounts using the administrator credentials?

  • Hi, Did you get your question answered yet?

    Did you take a look at "Migrate E-Mail from an IMAP Server to Cloud-based Mailboxes"

  • No, I did not get the question answered, and that particular article is not helpful - I need to do my own IMAP development, not use your pre-existing utility.

  • Hi jkrefetz,

    I tried connecting to an Office 365 mailbox without any problem. I wrote an article about it on my blog (sorry, it's in German): . Maybe your authentication is failing because the username you are trying to use is wrong. The administrator account needs "Send as" permission on the target mailbox to access it. By default in Exchange I believe administrators do not have access to other mailboxes. Please take a look at this article: Give Users Send As Permission.