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Office 365 Calendar Appointment Settings

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Can the Office 365 calendar appointment settings (template) be changed?  We have a physician who is into Pulse scheduling.  For example, 3 appointments at 8:00am, 3 appointments at 8:10 and then 1 appointment at 8:30am.  This type of scheduling is used at some medical clinics in the U.S.   It is too time consuming to change the time slot in each appointment window.



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  • Hello Wendy,

    This isn't actually something you customize Office 365 for, this is something you'd customize Outlook to do.  As such, we unfortunately don't provide the support for it, as we don't support Outlook itself.  However, I think you can accomplish what you're looking to do.

    Outlook uses the default form IPM.Appointment for all new appointments.  These dictate things like the default 30 hour window and the like.  In Outlook 2010 you can use the More Commands option to turn on your Developer Tab.  From the Developer Tab you can design a new form based on the Appointment template, and modify it as you please.  And then once you've done that you can go to the Folder List, right click on the Calendar, choose Properties, and tell it to use your new custom appointment form instead of IPM.Appointment.

    Unfortunately, there's no way to work around this in OWA.