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Recover Deleted Mails

  • I read that recovering Deleted email is only 30 days rule. then the mail is Gone.


    As far as i understand the user have 14 day then the admin have another 14 day then the mail is gone.


    What if i want to recover Mails from 2 months or more , is there any way to increase this time?

  • Hello Khaled,

    Here are some clarifications on the process:

    Items in the deleted items folder are removed after 30 days by the default retention policy, which can be adjusted.

    The time limit on recovering items removed from the deleted items folder (i.e. "permanently deleted"), using the Outlook/OWA recover deleted items functionality, is 14 days, regardless of whether the user or an admin is attempting to recover the item.  This 14 day period is a default, but can be customized Rolling Holds.

    The time limit on reconnecting a deleted mailbox is 30 days.  This cannot be adjusted.

    More information about these topics can be found in the "Deleted Item Recovery" topic in the Exchange Online Service Description, which can be found here: