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2 e-mailadresses and 1 account

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I have 2 e-mail addresses of my organization. Is it possible to receive messages of both email-adresses on 1 Office365 account.  And when I send messages, I want to choose if I use e-mail address # 1 or # 2 as sender. Is this possible?

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  • Hi Remko,

    According to the tags you added, I'd like to confirm if you are using Office 365 pre-upgrade for enterprise.
    If yes, you can refer to the following steps to achieve this feature:

    1.Create a shared mailbox with your first email address.
    2.Grant Full Access and Send As permission of shared1 to user2, then user2 can send emails with shared1 address by changing the From address when sending emails.
    You can run the following command line in Windows PowerShell:
    Add-MailboxPermission <> -User "user2" -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType All
    Add-RecipientPermission <> -AccessRights SendAs -Trustee <user2>

    For detailed information, please refer to the following articles:
    To install and configure Windows PowerShell, please refer to the following article:

    3.Create a inbox rule to forward all the emails of shared1 to user2, then user2 can receive emails sent to both in shared1 and user2.
    1)Sign into user2 portal.
    2)Click Outlook on the top bar.
    3)Click the drop down arrow beside your photo on the upper right and click Open Other Mailbox.

    4)Enter shared mailbox and you will go to shared1 Outlook Web App.
    5)Under inbox folder, right-click one of the emails, then click Create Rule...

    6)Click More Options on the New Inbox Rule page.

    7)Under When the message arrives, and: , you can select Appy to all messages.
    8)Under Do the following: , select Forward the message to..., then add user2 as the receipient.
    9)Click Save.

    4. When you are running user2, and you want to send emails with as the From address, you can manually change the From address to, then when the recipeints receive the emils, the sender will be Alternatively, you can also use shared1 to send emails directly.

    Vivian Wang

  • Hello Vivian,

    Thnx for your help. I'm using Office 365 pre-upgrade for education.

    I've managed to create a shared mailbox with PowerShell:

    I have 3 domains (, and

    Before I continue with the next steps you provided: How can  I create a shared mailbox: ?

    I don't want to use the extension.



  • Hi Remko,

    If you have verified these 3 domains in your Office 365 account, and you have already created, then you want to create shared1@ , you can edit and change it to shared1@
    To edit the shared mailbox, please refer to the following steps:
    1) Sign into Office 365 portal and click Admin.
    2) Click Users under Management.
    3) Select , click Edit.
    4) Click Details and under User name, you can select the domain

    Vivian Wang


  • Hi Remko,

    After you performed the steps above, has the isse been resolved? If not, please feel free to let me know,and I'm very glad to offer further help.

    Vivian Wang