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Where can I download the free "Exchange Server 2010 Coexistence Edition"

  • I have heard there are three versions of Exchange 2010: Standard, Enterprise and Coexistence Edition. The Coexistence Edition is a Standard Edition SKU designed to be a “gateway” for upgrading from previous versions of Exchange to Exchange 2010 Online. It has MPC: 0264-2942 and would be offered for free.

    Where can I download this version of Exchange 2010?

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    Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 is available in two server editions: Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. You can get more information about Exchange 2010 Editions and Versions at

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  • Hi Daizy,

    I found the information in the information in the next PowerPoint:, slide #9. I think it’s very useful for customers who have Exchange 2003 of 2007 and want to migrate to Exchange Online. If they want coexistence for migration and there is no free edition, they first have to buy a version of Exchange 2010. This looks strange to me.