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Desktop Outlook 2013 not receiving new emails

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Critical user can no longer receive emails to desktop Outlook 2013.  Sending works just fine. 

Send/receive status is hung indefinitely on task to receive.


Steps taken to resolve:

  1. Create new profile
  2. Turned off cache mode (this works but is not a solution - user must be able to work offline)
  3. Send/receive by groups (user@domain only, Inbox, etc.)  All attempts hang

We have many users that travel frequently and require a local download of all sent/received emails.  Please advise w/ resolution.

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  • Additional information.  User was had cache mode turned off as workaround and now can RECEIVE email but cannot SEND.

  • Hi Ventureforth IT,

    When you failed to send emails, did you receive any non-delivery report(NDR)? If yes, please post the whole content of the NDR via private message for further troubleshooting.
    I’ve sent you a private message to collect the information:
    To read private messages, you can do the steps below:
    .Go to the your details section on the right side of the community site.
    .Click Private messages.
    .Click the subject title of the response to read the message.
    .You can reply by using the form in this display.
    .Click Submit Reply.

    Meanwhile, I’d like to confirm the following information:
    1) Did you fail to send emails to all users or specific users?
    2) Did this issue happen to any other users in your organization?

    Vivian Wang

  • No NDR was received - emails just sat in outbox.  When in cached mode, there were no errors with receiving email.  Only indication was hung task in send/receive show progress.

    I could not wait any longer for resolution & had to perform online repair, bascially reinstalling the software.  This is not a workable solution and I need users to have confidence in the 365 suite for positive adoption.  Is this an issue seen often, where cached mode will not work properly?  Although user is fixed, concern remains.

    Thanks for any info.

  • Hi  Ventureforth IT,

    I’m very glad that the issue has been resolved and your time and efforts are highly appreciated. I suggest you try sending emails on Outlook Web App to see if the same issue will occur. If not, this indicates that Office 365 Exchange Online has been working well. Therefore, this situation may be caused by Outlook client, for example, the Outlook client was not updated. The issue can be resolved by online repairing or re-installing, just as the solution you have performed. Actually, Office 365 service has been working well. If you have further questions about Outlook client, you can also post the issue on our Outlook forum, and our engineers will offer more detailed information to you.

    Vivian Wang